We've had the privilege to work with leading companies at the pinnacle of their respective industries. Our work spans Fortune 500, tech unicorns, early stage startups, and non-profits. We bring the lessons learned across all of these industries and organizations to each of our engagements.  

Testimonial_John Sumser.jpg

John Sumser - Principal Analyst, HRExaminer

"From my desk, Lars is a singular example of the way the being prepared favors the lucky. Lars is constantly on the lookout for ways to convert the resources at his disposal into something bigger and better. There is no one in the business who is as good at making a little bit go a very long way. That's why the brands that Lars associates himself with always benefit out of proportion to his role in the company. He's that good. 

A problem solver at heart, Lars always gets a clear picture of the question and the audience before he gets going. Once he's in the groove, watch out. Things that didn't look important become important. Little bits and pieces get woven into a bigger than life mosaic. If you're trying to get your arms around employment branding, social media are sophisticated workforce planning, Lars is the guy."

Testimonial_Keith Woods.jpg

Keith Woods - Vice President, Diversity, NPR

"Lars built our social media recruiting strategy and certainly opened my eyes to how much could be accomplished -- and overcome -- by just deploying the tools we have.

He brought together the power of social media and the mission of diversity and, overnight, connected NPR to journalists of color across the country."

Testimonial_Ambrosia Vertesi.jpg

Ambrosia Vertesi - VP People, Duo Security

"Lars joined Hootsuite as an engagement through Amplify but almost immediately he was referred to as part of the #hootfam by our team. During this time, Lars partnered on several key talent acquisition and employer branding initiatives ranging from driving our global employer branding playbook, optimizing our candidate experience process, #followthesun, and several other initiatives of which many can be found on HROS.co.

And #HROS - another project I'm excited to continue to partner with him on! Lars exudes genuine leadership - collaborative, risk taking, strategic, egoless, and spectacularly innovative. But what makes him unique is that he brings everyone on the journey while sharing openly."

Testimonial_Beverly Carmichael.jpg

Beverly Carmichael - Chief People Officer, Red Robin

"Lars is one of the most talented recruiting professionals I have ever worked with. A great ambassador for the organization, Lars attracted and hired exceptional people to Ticketmaster, often competing with other leading organizations for talent. But Lars is much more than a great recruiter. He is a great leader, mentor, and motivator.

His passion and energy are absolutely infectious. I often noted that everything and everyone just seem to be better when Lars is around! He quickly learned new things, effectively utilized his resources (which were often limited), expertly managed resistance and controversy -- and just plain worked hard. Lars is now an exceptional HR leader with deep and wide experience and is capable of doing many things and doing them well. He is indeed a star, and I am confident he will continue to shine."

Testimonial_Kathryn Minshew.jpg

Kathryn minshew - Founder/CEO, The Muse

"Lars graciously accepted my invitation to speak on a panel last month on how to leverage social media to find a job. The event was a smashing success in no small part thanks to his subject matter expertise and ability to both entertain and enlighten the crowd at the same time. He is a genuine pleasure to work with, a fantastic communicator, and an all-around great guy."

Testimonial_Bob Schwartz.jpg

Bob Schwartz - CEO, 47B Street

"We brought Lars in to help us (Magento) through a large growth period (from 90 to 240 people). Lars helped us with our top talent needs, pre-filtering, interviewing and on-boarding. Lars moved to the east coast otherwise we would have kept him here at Magento!"

Testimonial_Amy Thompson.jpg

Amy Thompson - Chief People Officer, Mattel, Inc.

"While at Ticketmaster, Lars and I worked closely on various talent acquisition, retention and development initiatives. I valued his perspective and strategy behind relationship based recruiting and his ability to attract highly capable and innovative talent to the organization.

Lars is a solid leader who excels at building effective teams that are capable of managing high volume recruiting."

Testimonial_Scott Boecker.jpg

Scott Boecker - VP Nike.com Product Engagement & Experience, Nike

"Lars is a creative, results oriented recruiter with a great eye for talent. He is organized, hard working, and has a genuine passion for working with people. He is especially adept at managing teams of recruiters and developing talent across multiple departments and countries."