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The world of work has become increasingly complex. Today's Chief People Officer's and CHRO's are facing new challenges they haven't seen in the past. Their people teams are being tasked with increasing responsibility and accountability to transform the business, while keeping pace with future work trends. Amplify accelerates this transformation by cultivating an ecosystem designed to grow modern people leaders, and connecting organizations with talent and practices that propel them forward.

  • About Amplify Our history and background
  • HR Executive Search What makes Amplify unique
  • Consulting Tailored talent strategy
  • HR Executive EcosystemA new network for modern HR executives
  • Speaking Global speaking and training
Inside Amplify
How We Work
An inside look at our services and approach.
About Us
Inside Amplify
The story of how Amplify came to be and our evolution.
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HR Executive Search
Inside Amplify
In a world full of search firms, this is why we're different.
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Inside Amplify
We've seen a lot leading talent teams over 20 years. This is how we bring that experience to each client.
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HR Executive Ecosystem
Inside Amplify
A new network for 21st Century people leaders.
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Inside Amplify
From Johannesburg to Stockholm, our keynote and emcee talks educate and engage audiences.
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Amplify is a 21st century agency focused on modern HR and Recruiting leaders.


What We Do

Executive Search - Our tailored search services tap into our deep network to identify the right talent to propel your business forward. Learn more

Consulting - Our consulting services help you develop targeted employer brand and recruiting optimization strategies to identify, attract, and retain the right talent. Learn more

HR Executive Community - Our ecosystem is a peer network for modern HR leaders to collaborate, learn, network, and grow their careers. Learn more





Hiring HR talent is easy. Hiring progressive HR talent that can transform your business is not. We've built world-class people teams and have consulted across a broad range of industries to create competitive talent advantages.


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Lars Schmidt, Founder

Lars is the Founder of Amplify and Co-Founder of HR Open Source ( He’s spent 20 years in HR and Recruiting building talent strategies for a broad range of companies and industries. Lars is the host of the 21st Century HR podcast and a writer with regular columns in Fast Company and Forbes, co-author of Employer Branding for Dummies (Wiley, 2017), and global speaker. Disclosures: I advise Clinch, RolePoint, ConveyIQ. 

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