Amplify is a boutique search firm. Your organization will work directly with the principal, which eliminates the communication gaps that can arise with hand-offs and search teams from larger firms. 


We know what it takes to build transformative HR teams. We've been immersed in the talent space for years and have built high-performing HR teams at leading companies from the inside and as an external partner.  


We've built a career in this field with a simple guiding premise - add value. We've shared our perspectives on the future of work in regular columns for Fast Company and Forbes, keynotes from Johannesburg to Stockholm, and co-authored a book on employer brand. We also co-founded the HR Open Source ( initiative - a global not-for-profit community of practitioners that drives innovation, collaboration, and community in HR.    


Over the past 20 years we've worked across a broad range of industries to develop progressive recruiting and branding functions. There are few talent initiatives we haven't seen firsthand. Our diverse industry experience allows us to bring a broad solution set to talent initiatives.

Long Tail Consulting

Companies bring in a strategy consultant to help them solve specific challenges. In most engagements, when the work is delivered the engagement (and relationship) ends. We don't view consulting engagements as transactions. We view them as partnerships, and our connection doesn't end when the contract does. All of our engagements have a "success tail" built into them so we can ensure successful execution after the engagement ends.