Developing a strong Talent Brand is no longer a luxury but an imperative.

Consumer brands have been impacted by the convergence and evolution of mobile, digital, and social. We now see the same impact on talent and recruiting. The way top talent finds employers – and employers find top talent – has changed. That means success increasingly relies on developing a compelling and cohesive talent brand that works in tandem with your consumer brand. 

These new market paradigms are beginning to bring the disciplines of Employer Brand and Consumer Brand closer together. While core outcomes may still be distinct, the influence exerted on one or the other often share commonalities. These new paradigms are why an aligned approach and strong talent brand can drive Employer and Consumer Brand goals and objectives. 

By building a brand that effectively shows what it’s like to work at your company, while highlighting your unique employee experience and corporate culture, you’ll attract both job seekers and customers.

We believe that an compelling talent brand is more than just a Facebook page or a career-focused Twitter account. Developing a compelling talent brand means executing and engaging across channels and campaigns; developing and deploying brand ambassadors; cultivating and nurturing talent networks; creating content that’s sticky and valuable and shareable; measuring and refining your messaging, and more.

We work with clients to identify, articulate and communicate their talent brand narrative. We partner with you on initiatives such as Value Proposition or EVP, social media, digital campaigns, recruitment marketing, targeted outreach, intentional storytelling, culture programs, and events designed to build your talent brand.

"Lars joined us as an engagement through Amplify but almost immediately he was referred to as part of the #hootfam by our team. During this time, Lars partnered on several key talent acquisition and talent branding initiatives ranging from driving our global employer branding playbookoptimizing our candidate experience process, #followthesun, and several other initiatives of which many can be found on And #HROS - another project I'm excited to continue to partner with him on! Lars exudes genuine leadership - collaborative, risk taking, strategic, egoless, and spectacularly innovative. But what makes him unique is that he brings everyone on the journey while sharing openly."

- Ambrosia Vertesi, Hootsuite VP of Talent