A Different Model Of HR Executive Search


Amplify is new model of agency.

The field of HR is changing. Paradigm-changing technology, data-driven people strategy, societal shifts, generational drivers, global mobility - and more - are adding to the complexity of business operations and reshaping the mold of what it means to be an HR leader - a 21st Century people leader. 

HR leaders who've evolved with these changes and grasp the nuance and complexity of modern HR can have a transformative impact on their business. These are the types of leaders who make up the Amplify ecosystem - Chief People Officers, Chief HR Officers, Global Talent and Recruiting Leaders. Progressive business operators who are curious about the field and constantly expanding their skills and capabilities to provide competitive advantages to their business.

We’re not a traditional search firm built around the transaction of a hire. We’re a growth catalyst for 21st Century HR leaders built on deep relationships with a vast global network of talent. Our model is built on long-term relationships providing ongoing value that goes well beyond placements.

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If you’re looking for a search partner you have dozens of options. So why Amplify?

  • Advisory: Our search partnership goes deeper than presenting highly qualified candidates. We consult and advise on what it takes to build a 21st Century people team. We partner with you on all aspects of the search, from creating a compelling and accurate job overview, designing a high-impact interview process, compensation and benchmarking, through onboarding.

  • Continuity: As a sole-proprieter, you’ll work with Lars on every aspect of the search - from intake kickoff, weekly update meetings, sourcing, interview coordination, offer negotiations, and every step in between. This allows Amplify to gain an intimate understanding of your work-style, culture, and needs so we can be a deeply informed advisor throughout the engagement.

  • Credibility & Trust: We understand the complexity and profile of a modern people executive because we’re embedded in that world. We spent 15 years running global HR and recruiting teams before working alongside CHRO’s building next-generation HR capacity. We’ve traveled the world building a global community of over 8,000 modern HR practitioners through HR Open Source. We cover the modern people practices and the future of work for Fast Company, Forbes, and the 21st Century HR podcast. We understand modern people leaders because we’ve been working beside them for over 20 years.