Welcome to the Amplify Ecosystem: A Growth Catalyst For Modern HR Leaders

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The field of HR is transforming. 20th Century practices and approaches are being replaced with 21st Century thinkers and doers. These new HR leaders are reinventing the field with their expertise and approach, and changing the perception of what’s possible.

Being one of these modern HR leaders is incredibly complex and challenging. 21st Century people leaders require broader capabilities and job skills than have typically been demanded of HR professionals in the past – allowing them to tackle critical issues ranging from sexual harassment to emerging recruiting technologies, not to mention a business and industry acumen to rival their executive peers.


We're in the early stages of building an ecosystem to enable success and support the growing community of modern HR practitioners. Our intent is to be an ongoing resource to support our talent ecosystem by providing resources, counsel, connections, learning events, and other benefits to amplify their career. The Amplify Ecosystem will be an exclusive network open to CHRO’s, CPO’s, and global heads of HR and recruiting. The ecosystem is currently in beta. Scroll down to learn more.