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Four years ago, I left the world of corporate talent acquisition to become an entrepreneur. Amplify Talent was launched at a time when the field of employer branding was beginning to mature and shift into a new digitally-focused phase. I wanted to take what I'd learned in 15 years of corporate experience in talent acquisition and employer branding and apply that to a broader mix of clients and industries to help them transform their approach to talent attraction and hiring. 

During this time I worked with many friends who became colleagues, and colleagues who became friends. We solved complex talent challenges, took risks, failed, adjusted, learned, and made an impact - together.

Over the past four years, Amplify's focus has been on employer brand strategy, recruiting optimization consulting, and executive search. For the past two years, my focus has also been on growing and scaling the HR Open Source initiative. I've traveled the world and met many talented practitioners who all seem to be grappling with similar challenges around how they prepare their businesses, and themselves, for the “future of work.” I've had countless conversations with some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the HR space who are transforming their organizations. They've inspired me to think deeply about where the world of work is heading.

We often talk about this notion of the "future of work" as if it's a far-off concept of what the world of work will like years into the future. The reality is the future of work is already here and most organizations and practitioners don't know how to navigate this new landscape. These shifts - societal, technology, generational - are already impacting our organizations. They're also changing what it means to be a HR/People/Talent leader in this modern world.

The "future of work" is now 

I've always had one goal for my career and work projects: adding value. As I think about how companies and practitioners can move forward into this new world of work, I'm evolving Amplify to position it where I think I can add the most value. Amplify’s executive search practice will now narrow our focus on placing forward-thinking HR/Talent/Branding executives and leaders who are able to transform organizations and guide them into the future.

Amplify has been helping clients design and implement progressive practices in employer branding and recruiting since our founding in 2013. We'll continue our strategy work, and will now be in a position to partner even more deeply with companies to help them find the leaders to drive those changes. 

I believe there is an opportunity for Amplify to provide a different type of model in HR Executive search: an approach that is built around long-term relationships, collaborative connections, and giving back to the HR community. I'll be sharing more details on what that looks like for Amplify Search in the coming months. 

You can learn more about what makes Amplify different, services, clients, and testimonials below. I am excited for this phase of Amplify's evolution and growth, and look forward to working with more forward leaning brands and talent.




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