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Want To Attract The Right Job Candidates? Repel The Wrong Ones

To keep their edge in an intensely competitive hiring climate, some companies are trying to make themselves more attractive employers. In many ways, that's understandable. Building an employer brand can create the sizzle that brings as many candidates as possible through your door. This is a mistake.

We all have different drivers and motivators when it comes to our work . . . One person's dream job is another's nightmare. There's no doubt that attracting talent is important. If you can't do it, positions will remain unfilled, and the top people in your field will go to your competitor. But attracting the right talent is what really matters. Most companies already agree with this in principle, but many still overlook the fact that the goal of recruiting isn’t more candidates—it’s more of the right candidates. And their recruiting practices are still geared more toward the former than the latter.

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