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Recruiters Explain What The Worst LinkedIn Profiles Have In Common

Recruiters spend lots of time combing through LinkedIn profiles—possibly more than many would like. After awhile, they can start to blend together, which means that whatever you can do as a job seeker to stick out from the crowd (at least in a way that reflects well on you) is probably worth trying.At a minimum, though, you’ve got to sidestep the most common mistakes and drawbacks that recruiters encounter on LinkedIn constantly. These are some of the issues that recruiters, hiring managers, and execs who constantly use LinkedIn to staff their teams say the worst profiles have in common.

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Ask a Recruiter: My Reddit AMA

Last month my friend Mark Luckie, Head of Journalism & Media at Reddit, reached out and asked if I'd do an AMA on job search. If you're not familiar with AMA's, it stands for "Ask Me Anything" and serves as a Q&A platform for, well, pretty much anything. You can check them out here. I hadn't hosted an AMA on Reddit before, but thought it would be a cool way to help job seekers so of course said yes. 

I had a great time answering questions. My AMA covered a broad range of topics - from new university grad job search to coding bootcamps to my views on time travel. You can check out the full AMA below. 

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