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Want To Attract The Right Job Candidates? Repel The Wrong Ones

To keep their edge in an intensely competitive hiring climate, some companies are trying to make themselves more attractive employers. In many ways, that's understandable. Building an employer brand can create the sizzle that brings as many candidates as possible through your door. This is a mistake.

We all have different drivers and motivators when it comes to our work . . . One person's dream job is another's nightmare. There's no doubt that attracting talent is important. If you can't do it, positions will remain unfilled, and the top people in your field will go to your competitor. But attracting the right talent is what really matters. Most companies already agree with this in principle, but many still overlook the fact that the goal of recruiting isn’t more candidates—it’s more of the right candidates. And their recruiting practices are still geared more toward the former than the latter.

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Recruiting Great Talent Nowadays Requires Great Storytelling

Recruiting is no longer a transactional field. It’s now a creative field. This shift runs deeper than the cosmetic rebrand to “talent acquisition”. As competition for top talent continues to increase, companies have to rethink how they can stand out to draw talent. This new landscape puts increased pressure on recruiting teams to find news ways to stand out and cut through the noise – and this is mainly being accomplished through storytelling.

The change isn’t limited to industries you’d expect like technology, agency, and media. Companies in hospitality, scientific research, and beauty are all now turning to storytelling to help candidates get a more intimate view of working in their organization.

Storytelling and Social Media

The early days of social media in recruiting were a sea of the same stock photos, boilerplate text, and career sites with slogans like, “A world of opportunity”. Today’s job applicants want something more. Software engineers want to know what it’s like to write code at your company. Marketers want to understand your go to market strategy. Success in connecting with these audiences is now driven by how you can help them understand what their role in your company looks like – and get to know their future peers.

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Kill Your Unicorns

There's never been a better time to be a recruiter. I believe this. There are a variety of career paths, tools, and techniques that recruiters can pursue. There’s room for “old school recruiters” who just want to make placements with their rolodex and phone. There’s room for more creative types with a marketer’s DNA who want to lead branding efforts. There’s room for analytic types who want to crunch talent management numbers, find correlation, and develop strategy. Let’s kill these unicorns and celebrate this diversity of recruiting career possibilities. There will be a time in the future when these unicorns are commonplace, but it’s not today.

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Introducing: Amplify Talent VIP Newsletter

The Amplify VIP Program is a carefully curated collection of news and information at the intersection of Recruiting, Employer Branding, and Technology delivered to your inbox each month. We do the research – scouring media, press, blogs, podcasts, articles and white papers to ensure our subscribers stay in the know.

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A Case For Reinventing Job Descriptions

Talent is more fluid than ever. The average tenure is shrinking. Candidates don’t want to rely upon boilerplate JD’s to give them a sense of whether they should explore your jobs. They want to know about things like specific deliverables, success measures, growth plans, and perks. They want to know what their desk might look like, what tools they might use, and what their colleagues are like.

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Glassdoor Summit Preview: You Say You Want A [r]Evolution? #GDSummit

What if...we started over. What if we built recruiting today, based on current job search behaviors and expectations? What would it look like?

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