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How To Recruit In 2017 (eBook)

The world of recruiting is evolving at an accelerated pace. Recruiting teams at the leading edge of this evolution are deploying modern tools and technology like algorithms, bots, and AI to help them identify, engage, and retain talent. However, many companies still struggle with the fundamentals of recruiting, which is creating a widening gap in capabilities…and successes. This eBook is not for those practitioners already at the leading edge of this curve. This is a resource for recruiters with a full desk and heavy requisition loads who perpetually struggle for time. Startups without established recruiting or HR functions and are wondering what to do to give their organization a hiring edge. Teams that started modernizing their recruiting functions, but soon found themselves stuck.

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Is Transmedia Storytelling The Future Of Recruiting?

Transmedia storytelling is a narrative that conveys stories across multiple platforms. This medium is probably not the first thing you’d associate with recruiting - but could it be the future of how you hire?

The legacy of recruiting is transactional. A job opens. A job posts. A recruiter sifts through resumes. Interviews commence. A short list of finalists is determined. An offer is made. An offer is accepted. A new hire joins your organization. This model is based on notions of “active” and “passive” job seekers. It was built on job boards and recruiting agencies. It drives mostly reactive processes. Today’s recruiting is different. The old transactional models aren’t necessarily gone, but they’re augmented by an entirely new set of approaches and platforms borrowed from marketing. That’s right; recruiters are now marketers.

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Can A Recruiting Video Make You Cry?

When was the last time you saw a video online that made you feel something? I mean really feel something.

Chances are you were perusing your Facebook timeline and caught a viral video of panda cub sneezing, or a veteran reuniting with her family, or perhaps the devastation in Aleppo.

Video is all around us. It’s become something that we’re constantly exposed to, watching as much as five hours of video content per day. With the ubiquity of mobile and the rise of live streaming, we’re all mobile broadcasters.

With the rise of video eating into our attention span, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies leveraging videos to help them recruit. Five years ago a recruiting video was a differentiator. Today it’s become a common commodity.

Recruiting videos have become somewhat formulaic. Show an ethnically and gender diverse group of employees extolling the culture and perks your company has to offer. Check. Foosball table. Check. Talk about changing the world. Check.

Some companies are bucking this trend and taking a different approach. They’re creating cinematic showcases of the employee journey, providing a deeper narrative that aims to make viewers feel something. Let’s explore a few examples below

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Beginners Guide To Snapchat

The first thing you need to know about Snapchat is that it’s unlike any other social channels. Those fluent in Tweets, Instas, and Facebook assuming that experience will translate to Snapchat are in for a surprise. 

Snapchat is all about capturing a moment, through videos and photos. You can customize these moments with emojis, text, filters, and drawing - but that’s your communication method. No links, no self-promotional “thought leadership” blog posts or auto-scheduled posts - just moments. Real and true. 

The presentation below was developed by A m p l i f y (👻 ThisIsLarsSnap) with the help of Snapchat veterans - Nando Rodriguez (👻 nandoism) and Celinda Appleby (👻 cellyapp). The goal was to demystify Snapchat and help new users and brands better understand how the platform works. You can view the entire presentation below, or download it for free.

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Recruiting Meets Snapchat

Snapchat is a growing force in the world of social media. It's become the social platform of choice for millennials, and brands are taking notice. It's more than just snaps. Snapchat has grown into one of the preferred communication channels for GenY with 69% of millennial users using it daily as a chat platform. This is an important stat for HR.

The field of Recruiting, with it's focus on talent attraction and branding, is usually an early adopter of new platforms. They want to gauge whether these new platforms can be integrated into their branding portfolio, and help them attract and engage talent in new ways.

Recruiting is all about meeting candidates where they are. For some companies, that's Snapchat. Does that mean everyone needs to rush out and start snapping? No, but whether you're using Snapchat for business or personal reasons there may be reasons to invest your time there.  

HR industry veteran Jay Kuhns (👻 jrkuhns) is one of the more active Snappers in the space. He recently blogged about his experience with Snapchat, and why he feels HR professionals should start Snapping. 

I'm an admitted Snapchat newbie. I've been digging into the platform the past month to learn more about how it works, and gauge how companies might use it for branding purposes.

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Introducing The Employer Brand Chat - #EBchat

We're excited to announce the launch of a new collectively owned monthly chat, #EBchat, to enhance collaboration and communication within the community of peers working in the field of Employer Brand. #EBchat will be a Twitter chat (for now) that will take place the first Thursday of every month from 12:30-1:30pm EST. The chat covers a broad range of topics from best practices to platforms to tools. Each month a new moderator/s will lead the chat. The goal of #EBchat is to help move the field of Employer Branding forward by having more open collaboration and exchanging of ideas and practices, peer networking, and creating a forum to aggregate online conversations around Employer Branding.

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