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Is Your Hiring Process As Emotionally Intelligent As The People It’s Meant To Hire?

As most job candidates are probably sick of hearing by now, emotional intelligence is a coveted skill recruiters look for when they’re making hires. There’s tons of advice out there for candidates to adjust how they speak and answer questions on job interviews in order to dial up interpersonal skills. But a lot of the time, emotionally intelligent applicants don’t make it through to the interview stage at all. They get lost in hiring processes that are emotionally unintelligent to an alarming degree. What if the reason companies keep saying they’re having such a hard time finding emotional intelligence in the job market is because their hiring processes are devoid of humanity?

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How To Recruit In 2017 (eBook)

The world of recruiting is evolving at an accelerated pace. Recruiting teams at the leading edge of this evolution are deploying modern tools and technology like algorithms, bots, and AI to help them identify, engage, and retain talent. However, many companies still struggle with the fundamentals of recruiting, which is creating a widening gap in capabilities…and successes. This eBook is not for those practitioners already at the leading edge of this curve. This is a resource for recruiters with a full desk and heavy requisition loads who perpetually struggle for time. Startups without established recruiting or HR functions and are wondering what to do to give their organization a hiring edge. Teams that started modernizing their recruiting functions, but soon found themselves stuck.

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The Top 3 Factors That Will Make Or Break Your Recruiting In 2017

Your mobile-responsive career site doesn't cut it anymore.

We're days away from 2017, but many companies are still hiring like it's 2010. The entire hiring process—from the way job seekers find listings to the way recruiters reach out to prospects—has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. Now it's time for every employer to catch up to the times, lest lose the top talent to competitors that beat them to it. These are three factors that, more and more, will make or break a company's recruiting in the year ahead.

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Why Retention Will Be The Biggest Talent Challenge Of 2017

As talent leaders continue to beat the “war for talent” drums, are they missing the bigger risk to their organizations?

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 4.6 in November 2016, the lowest jobless rate since August 2007. This trend was steady throughout 2016. To remain competitive companies began investing more in their recruiting capabilities, particular in the growing field of employer branding where they aim to attract talent by shaping candidate perceptions and influencing sentiment. While this makes sense in today’s connected candidate marketplace, an over-emphasis on talent attraction and hiring without equal emphasis on development and retention will create problems for companies in the new year.

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Candidate Experience Lab: Rethinking Rejection #HootHROS

It is our genuine intention to continue helping job seekers outside of their application with Hootsuite. We thought we could weave in some of our learnings to share with them, so we revised our candidate emails (message varies slightly based on stage of interview) to include what we hope will be seen as additional resources they can draw from. This effort will be iterative based on candidate feedback and will include a curated list of resources that cover many stages of the job search lifecycle; job search strategies, networking, company research, resume writing, LinkedIn tips, interview prep, interview feedback, and more. You can see the full email below.

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