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Snapchat For Branding: What You Need To Know

Brands are increasingly migrating to Snapchat and some are finding measurable success. If you’ve researched your target audience and determined Snapchat makes sense for your branding portfolio - be aware you need to develop an entirely new approach.

Snapchat is unlike any other social platform. It's all about capturing a moment - through video and photo. You can customize these moments with filters, emojis, text, and drawing. No links, no self-promotional “thought leadership” blog posts or auto-scheduled posts - just moments. 

As Snapchat is all about the real-time sharing, metrics and analytics are not easy to come by. This presents unique challenges for branders who want to measure engagement and ROI. Here are a few things to consider:


Followers in social are often considered a vanity metric. They don’t necessarily illustrate engagement (considering they can be bought on most platforms), but they're often one of the first metrics brands review to gauge how popular they are. Snapchat doesn’t provide follower counts. You can determine how many followers viewed your story, but that’s it. This presents some challenges when trying to measure overall channel ROI and reach.

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Glassdoor Summit Preview: You Say You Want A [r]Evolution? #GDSummit

What if...we started over. What if we built recruiting today, based on current job search behaviors and expectations? What would it look like?

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