Introducing Amplify Learning Lab


I've been curating content about talent trends, recruiting, brand, HR, and the future of work since 2015. Over that time I've been clipping and tagging some of the best (IMO) into an Evernote notebook titled "Amplify Learning Lab". I used this as a reference library to inform myself, my clients, and my network on topics spanning all things talent.

During this time I managed a newsletter and an online magazine as ways of sharing these resources. The engagement was fine, but each lacked a mechanism to create conversation and community around shared learnings. I've been exploring platforms to create that experience and excited to share the new Amplify Learning Lab

The Amplify Learning Lab (built on the new Mighty Networks platform) is a highly curated collection of news, information, resources, and conversation about all things talent and the future of work. The content has been organized by core functions (Employer Brand, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, etc.) and topics (CHRO, VC, lifehacks, etc.). You can subscribe to follow whatever topics interest you.

The Lab is a private learning community so only members (free) can see posts, comment, etc. The alpha library has 100+ articles and resources. It will grow and evolve over time, with new content being added on a weekly basis. Members can also contribute their own content, ask questions, and engage with each other. 

You can join and view the content via the link below. You can also download the app if you're a mobile geek like me. 

As you may have heard I'm evolving Amplify to pair our strategic talent consulting services with a new executive search practice for modern HR/Talent/Brand/Recruiting leaders who are able to prepare their organizations for the future of work. My goal is to build a different model of agency - one that's built around providing ongoing value (resources, connections, introductions, etc) to top HR/recruiting leaders as a primary driver. The Amplify Learning Lab will be one of the ways we'll add value to that community. 

Please join, take it for a spin, and let me know what you think. The Lab is now fully public, so feel free to invite anyone from your network you think could benefit from the shared learnings.