Introducing Amplify HR Executive Search

Five years ago I started my own company, Amplify Talent, after 15 years leading HR and recruiting teams at companies including NPR, Ticketmaster, and Magento.

When I launched Amplify, I focused on strategic consulting engagements with a varied set of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to technology unicorns developing modern recruiting and employer brand strategies. I was inspired by the opportunities to work with diverse and driven teams, and expand my experience across a broad range of industries with organizations such as SpaceX, Hootsuite, Cracker Barrel, and Duo Security.

During this time, I also co-founded a global not-for-profit initiative, HR Open Source (HROS) with the aim of accelerating progressive practices in HR and recruiting. I also began covering modern HR and the future of work for Fast Company and Forbes. All these initiatives gave me a front row seat to the changing nature of the field of Human Resources.

I was fortunate to travel the world speaking at conferences from Johannesburg to London and many cities in between, meeting fellow practitioners, and becoming inspired by the innovation and change that was taking place in HR. The field is changing; it’s clear to me that there is a fundamental shift happening. We’re crossing over from 20th Century to 21st Century practices.

The legacy stereotypes of “Personnel” still exist, but there is a new model of HR that is growing and fundamentally changing the strategic value of the HR function and transforming organizations along the way.

This new model is something I’ve long been drawn to - and I’m excited to announce a new business within Amplify to help support modern HR executives and the progressive companies who hire them.

Introducing Amplify Executive Search

Amplify will be a different type of HR Executive Search firm. A firm focused entirely on progressive HR and built around developing an ecosystem of talent; enabling success and providing ongoing value to modern HR executives beyond the transactional nature of traditional search firms.

The Amplify Ecosystem will be an exclusive peer network of HR executives who are leading a transformation in their organizations. It will bring HR leaders around the world together to share ideas, learnings, and experience to help propel each other forward and advance the field. I’ll be sharing more details on the ecosystem in the coming weeks. If you’d like to join or learn more, email

Amplify will continue to provide strategic consulting services, and will maintain this new HR executive search practice in parallel. You can check out the redesigned website to learn more.