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Is Transmedia Storytelling The Future Of Recruiting?

Transmedia storytelling is a narrative that conveys stories across multiple platforms. This medium is probably not the first thing you’d associate with recruiting - but could it be the future of how you hire?

The legacy of recruiting is transactional. A job opens. A job posts. A recruiter sifts through resumes. Interviews commence. A short list of finalists is determined. An offer is made. An offer is accepted. A new hire joins your organization. This model is based on notions of “active” and “passive” job seekers. It was built on job boards and recruiting agencies. It drives mostly reactive processes. Today’s recruiting is different. The old transactional models aren’t necessarily gone, but they’re augmented by an entirely new set of approaches and platforms borrowed from marketing. That’s right; recruiters are now marketers.

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Can A Recruiting Video Make You Cry?

When was the last time you saw a video online that made you feel something? I mean really feel something.

Chances are you were perusing your Facebook timeline and caught a viral video of panda cub sneezing, or a veteran reuniting with her family, or perhaps the devastation in Aleppo.

Video is all around us. It’s become something that we’re constantly exposed to, watching as much as five hours of video content per day. With the ubiquity of mobile and the rise of live streaming, we’re all mobile broadcasters.

With the rise of video eating into our attention span, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies leveraging videos to help them recruit. Five years ago a recruiting video was a differentiator. Today it’s become a common commodity.

Recruiting videos have become somewhat formulaic. Show an ethnically and gender diverse group of employees extolling the culture and perks your company has to offer. Check. Foosball table. Check. Talk about changing the world. Check.

Some companies are bucking this trend and taking a different approach. They’re creating cinematic showcases of the employee journey, providing a deeper narrative that aims to make viewers feel something. Let’s explore a few examples below

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Recruiting Great Talent Nowadays Requires Great Storytelling

Recruiting is no longer a transactional field. It’s now a creative field. This shift runs deeper than the cosmetic rebrand to “talent acquisition”. As competition for top talent continues to increase, companies have to rethink how they can stand out to draw talent. This new landscape puts increased pressure on recruiting teams to find news ways to stand out and cut through the noise – and this is mainly being accomplished through storytelling.

The change isn’t limited to industries you’d expect like technology, agency, and media. Companies in hospitality, scientific research, and beauty are all now turning to storytelling to help candidates get a more intimate view of working in their organization.

Storytelling and Social Media

The early days of social media in recruiting were a sea of the same stock photos, boilerplate text, and career sites with slogans like, “A world of opportunity”. Today’s job applicants want something more. Software engineers want to know what it’s like to write code at your company. Marketers want to understand your go to market strategy. Success in connecting with these audiences is now driven by how you can help them understand what their role in your company looks like – and get to know their future peers.

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The Modern Recruiting Employer Brand Checklist

The year was 2010. I recently landed at a new job running recruiting and innovation at NPR. My past experience included traditional ‘traditional’ recruiting leadership roles at companies including Ticketmaster, Magento, and Intersperse. I soon learned a traditional recruiting approach would fail in this new role. It forced me to find new ways to share our employee experience, culture, and talent - and fundamentally changed how I thought about recruiting. This was my introduction to Employer Branding. 

Fast forward to today. The field of Employer Branding had evolved into the fastest growing area of recruiting. 62% of global talent leaders say Employer Brand is their biggest priority for 2016. Many companies are building dedicated employer brand teams to help them shape and steer their employer brand narratives. Employer Brand has matured into a key component to the modern recruiting function.

Introducing the Employer Brand Checklist

Motivated by the collaborative sharing spirit driving the HR Open Source ( / #HROS) initiative, I decided to open up my own playbook of EB resources, tools, and assets I use with clients when helping them develop their Employer Brand strategy. I wanted to make it even more robust, so enlisted peers to weigh in with some of their own (credits below).

The following checklist can be used as a guide to help steer considerations on things you may want to include in your Employer Brand strategy and roadmap. Feel free to copy, tweak, and use it however you like. 

My goal in open sourcing this is to help frame what’s possible for those new to EB. I plan to keep it updated as new tools/approaches/etc or released, and would love your help to make it even better. If you have any EB approaches you don’t find below, leave a comment and I’ll add to the checklist. 

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Snapchat For Branding: What You Need To Know

Brands are increasingly migrating to Snapchat and some are finding measurable success. If you’ve researched your target audience and determined Snapchat makes sense for your branding portfolio - be aware you need to develop an entirely new approach.

Snapchat is unlike any other social platform. It's all about capturing a moment - through video and photo. You can customize these moments with filters, emojis, text, and drawing. No links, no self-promotional “thought leadership” blog posts or auto-scheduled posts - just moments. 

As Snapchat is all about the real-time sharing, metrics and analytics are not easy to come by. This presents unique challenges for branders who want to measure engagement and ROI. Here are a few things to consider:


Followers in social are often considered a vanity metric. They don’t necessarily illustrate engagement (considering they can be bought on most platforms), but they're often one of the first metrics brands review to gauge how popular they are. Snapchat doesn’t provide follower counts. You can determine how many followers viewed your story, but that’s it. This presents some challenges when trying to measure overall channel ROI and reach.

Continue reading in the full post.

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Beginners Guide To Snapchat

The first thing you need to know about Snapchat is that it’s unlike any other social channels. Those fluent in Tweets, Instas, and Facebook assuming that experience will translate to Snapchat are in for a surprise. 

Snapchat is all about capturing a moment, through videos and photos. You can customize these moments with emojis, text, filters, and drawing - but that’s your communication method. No links, no self-promotional “thought leadership” blog posts or auto-scheduled posts - just moments. Real and true. 

The presentation below was developed by A m p l i f y (👻 ThisIsLarsSnap) with the help of Snapchat veterans - Nando Rodriguez (👻 nandoism) and Celinda Appleby (👻 cellyapp). The goal was to demystify Snapchat and help new users and brands better understand how the platform works. You can view the entire presentation below, or download it for free.

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Glassdoor Summit Preview: You Say You Want A [r]Evolution? #GDSummit

What if...we started over. What if we built recruiting today, based on current job search behaviors and expectations? What would it look like?

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