Beginners Guide To Snapchat

The first thing you need to know about Snapchat is that it’s unlike any other social channels. Those fluent in Tweets, Instas, and Facebook assuming that experience will translate to Snapchat are in for a surprise.

Snapchat is all about capturing a moment - through video and photo. You can customize these moments with filters, emojis, text, and drawing. No links, no self-promotional “thought leadership” blog posts or auto-scheduled posts - just moments. Real and true.

You can almost think of Snapchat as a diary. You’re sharing a live moment in time with your connections, either by adding it to your “My Story” for all followers to see, or my messaging it directly to your friends. 

As platforms like Facebook begin seeing a decline in user-generated content, Snapchat’s advantage is that, outside of the Discovery section, ALL of the content is user generated. That intimate nature of sharing is likely one of the reasons Snapchat app installs recently overtook Twitter on the Android marketplace.  

There is no denying the growing reach of Snapchat. Recent figures show 100M daily users, with 60% of users creating content every day. This traction, and popularity with the “advertising gold” millennial audience, has led to an increasing presence by brands looking to tap into the growing popularity.

Who To Follow - Starter Kit

Snapchat lacks user profiles and search (outside of handle) capabilities, so if you're new to Snapchat it might be difficult to find people to follow. There are 3rd party platforms, like GhostCodes, that allow users to create profiles and serves as a discovery platform - but no native profile search functionality. If you're looking for active Snappers to follow to get started, you can start with the curated list below of Snapchat influencers and celebrities.

Amanda Cerny 👻 amandacerny

Arnold Schwarzennegger 👻 arnoldschnitzel

Brian Solis 👻 briansolis

Cara Delevingne 👻 caradevilqueen

Casey Neistat 👻 caseyneistat

Chris Pratt 👻 chrisprattsnap

Chrissy Teigen 👻 chrissyteigen

Cory Booker 👻 corybooker

DJ Khaled 👻 djkhaled305

Ellen Degeneres 👻 ellen

Gary Vaynerchuk 👻 garyvee

👻 geeohsnap

Gigi Hadid 👻 itsgigihadid

Harris Markowitz 👻 markowitzh

Jared Leto 👻 jaredleto

John Lee Dumas 👻 johnleedumas

Kate Hudson 👻 khudsnaps

King Bach 👻 kingbach

Mark Suster 👻 msuster

Robert Scoble 👻 scobleizer

Shonduras 👻 shonduras

Snoop Dogg 👻 snoopdogg213

Sunny Mabrey 👻 sunnymabrey

Taylor Nikolai 👻 taylor.nikolai

The White House 👻 whitehouse

Sara Hopkins 👻 sayhop

Dinfontay 👻 dinfontay


Following some of the Snappers below will help you get a few for how Snapchat works and what's possible with customizations and enhancements. This is a good starting point for those new to the platform.

Ready to start snapping? Check out the guide below to help you get started. 

How To Kill It At Snapchat

The presentation below breaks down how to find success on Snapchat. It was developed with the help of Snapchat veterans - Nando Rodriguez (👻 nandoism) and Celinda Appleby (👻 cellyapp). The goal was to demystify Snapchat and help new users better understand how the platform works. You can view the entire presentation below, or download it for free on Slideshare.

View the full presentation below, or download it on Slideshare. 

This is part two of the "Snapchat Trilogy" blog series. Be sure to read part one, "Recruiting Meets Snapchat", and part three, "Snapchat for Branding". 

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