Recruiting Meets Snapchat

Snapchat is a growing force in the world of social media. It's become the social platform of choice for millennials, and brands are taking notice. It's more than just snaps. Snapchat has grown into one of the preferred communication channels for GenY with 69% of millennial users using it daily as a chat platform. This is an important stat for HR.

The field of Recruiting, with it's focus on talent attraction and branding, is usually an early adopter of new platforms. They want to gauge whether these new platforms can be integrated into their branding portfolio, and help them attract and engage talent in new ways. This reality is driving more recruiters to begin exploring Snapchat.

Recruiting is all about meeting candidates where they are. For some companies, that's Snapchat. Does that mean everyone needs to rush out and start snapping? No, but whether you're using Snapchat for business or personal reasons there may be reasons to invest your time there.  

"Those proclaiming so early that there is no future using snapchat risk sounding like the grumpy old neighbor yelling at the kids to "get off my lawn."  These views by HR industry veteran Jay Kuhns (👻 jrkuhns), one of the more active Snappers in the space, urge HR practitioners to embrace Snapchat. He recently blogged about his experience with Snapchat, and why he feels HR professionals should start Snapping. 

I'm an admitted Snapchat newbie. I've been digging into the platform the past month to learn more about how it works, and gauge how companies might use it for branding purposes. I'm enjoying tooling around with filters and augmented reality features of Snapchat, including piloting a "Snapchat Theater Presents" series (some filmed in a sleep-deprived paternity-leave haze). Exhibit A below:

Snapchat Theater Presents: Orc Career Advice

I'm working on a blog post detailing my experience as a Snapchat newbie; breaking down strengths and limitations, and how it compares with other social platforms (preview: it doesn't). I'm also teaming up with my Snap Master pals, Nando Rodriguez (👻 nandoism) and Celinda Appleby (👻 cellyapp), on a definitive guide to Snapchat we'll be publishing next month. 

Why Snapchat?

You might be wondering if Snapchat is for you. I did too, so I asked some of my friends who've been actively snapping what they get from the platform, and why they might recommend it to recruiters. Here are a few highlights, including my own views on the platform:

Snapchat is unlike any other platform. You can almost think of it as a diary. You’re sharing live moments in time. It’s real, raw, and unfiltered - a refreshing change from the highly curated sharing that happens on other social platforms.
— 👻 Lars Schmidt, Founder - Amplify Talent (thisislarssnap)
Not every company, recruiter, or HR person should be on Snapchat. Jumping on the latest platform (although Snapchat has been around a while—let’s not forget those sexting days) to be/stay relevant should not be anyone’s goal. Instead, ask yourself 3 things:
1. Is my target audience here?
2. Can I create or have the resources for the content needed to maintain usage of he platform
3. Do I even like it? If not, who’s a native user that can keep our brand alive on it? If you yourself don’t like it or the person in charge, it will show. Immediately.
— 👻 Nando Rodriguez, Head of Employer Branding & Candidate Experience - Horizon Media (nandosim)
I, like most HR/Recruiting Pros, was super late to join the Snap party! It took several tries and a few dozen nudges from Nando to fall in love but it is my go-to social tool. Why? 1. It’s so easy! You don’t have to agonize over copy or optimal posting time. You don’t have to worry about choosing Clarendon or Valencia while sucking in your gut. You can be silly and you can be yourself. 2. It doesn’t have to be perfect – watching people curate their perfect lives on facebook and Instagram is so 2012. Snapchat is all about the fleeting moments with your friends and family. If it sucks who cares, it’s gone tomorrow. 3. It’s in the early stages – this means that the KPIs are not established or defined – the time to join is now! You have a whiteboard of opportunity and the time to figure out the kinks and become a beast at SnapChat!
— 👻 Celinda Appleby, Global Employment Branding & Recruitment Marketing Leader - Oracle (cellyapp)
Companies spend a ton of time “cultivating” their social channels with pictures of their employees doing fun things, with perfect smiles and cool perks. But is it an accurate picture? Is that what candidates or employees actually want? Snapchat is pushing boundaries on social by empowering people (and companies!) to be playful, raw – and their real deal self. And you know what? People love it.
— 👻 Jillian Walker, People & Culture Leader - Relic Entertainment (hey-jillian)
Since mid 2013, I’ve had literally hundreds of candidates reach out to me. When I receive a Snapchat, I’m excited about the possibilities, about the communication and the person sending it. It allows me to glimpse into how they think and how they communicate. It allows for creativity. I’ve had people take me on scavenger hunts through the city looking for orange objects, producing videos “displaying their fit”, and following up on their applications with a quick hello! Not only has it led directly to hires, it has allowed the brand of Likeable to become accessible and about the people.
— Brian Murray, Director of Talent & Culture - Likeable Media (btmurr)
Recruiters should experiment with Snapchat because, right now, it has a much higher engagement rate than any other social media platform. If someone is following you, there is a really high likelihood they will see your Stories!
— 👻 Angela Bortolussi, Recruiting Manager - Recruiting Social (abortolussi)
In such a curated & visually stimulated world, Snapchat’s platform provides a refreshing perspective that is both authentic & playful. This can be very humanizing for an employer or recruiter’s brand. It allows them to showcase who they are while displaying their day in a genuine & imperfect way that people can identify (and usually have a laugh!) with.
— 👻 Nadine Blackie, Strategic Talent Acquisition Lead - Relic Entertainment (nadblackie)
In order to be effective in the rapidly changing and complex talent acquisition space, recruiters must stay current. An entire generation of talent has shifted to Snapchat as their primary social media tool. Wise recruitment pros need to make the same shift, or drift into obscurity.
— 👻 Jay Kuhns, VP Healthcare Strategy - Kinetix (jrkuhns)

I'll be publishing a more thorough guide to Snapchat in June. In the meantime, below is a list of HR and Recruiting pros on Snapchat. If you're looking for some direction on who to follow in the space to get a feel for how they're using the platform, the first group is a good starting point. 


Daily Snappers

Lars Schmidt: 👻 ThisIsLarsSnap

Nando Rodriguez: 👻 Nandoism

Celinda Appleby: 👻 CellyApp

Jay Kuhns: 👻 jrkuhns

Jen Davis: 👻 recruitradical

Brian Murray: 👻 btmurr

Angela Bortolussi: 👻 abortolussi

Jonas Barck: 👻 jonasbarck

John Hudson: 👻 johnphudson

Jose Watson: 👻 jose_watson

Paul DeBettignies: 👻 mnheadhunter

Jessica Miller-Merrell: 👻 jmillermerrell

Trish McFarlane: 👻 trishmcf

Jennifer McClure: 👻 jenniferincincy

Alex Brown: 👻 The_AlexBrown

Matthew Jones: 👻 MatthewJones23

Michael Heller: 👻 michael.heller

Ben Martinez: 👻 Benmartinezj

Jillian Walker: 👻 hey-jillian

Nadine Blackie: 👻 nadblackie 

Michael Cox: 👻  mike_recruiter

Additional HR/Recruiting Pros on Snapchat

Jason Seiden: 👻 jasonseiden

Stacy Zapar: 👻 stacyzapar

Robin Schooling: 👻 robinschooling

Martin Burns: 👻 recruitmoe

Crystal Miller: 👻 travelsizedlife

John Rose: 👻 resourcefuljohn

Drew Koloski: 👻 drewsnap

Caleb Fullhart: 👻 cfullhart

Will Staney: 👻 staneypants

Joey Price: 👻 jvpsaw

John Nykolaiszyn: 👻 johnny-nyk

Kristi Jones: 👻 kjoneskc

Tiffany Kuehl: 👻 TiffanyKuehlHR

Alex Putman: 👻 alexputman1

Lucas Swenson: 👻 Lilro11828

Troy Hammond: 👻 TroyHammo

Andy Headworth: 👻 AndyHeadworth

Jennifer Tharp: 👻 jterryrecruit

David Brudenell: 👻 dbrudenell

Dina Parker: 👻 dinaparker77

John McFarlain: 👻 techhunter1

Chris Long: 👻 thisischrislong

Gordon Lokenberg: 👻 gordonlokenberg

Patrick Boonstra: 👻 Patrickboonstra

Scott Kinnaird: 👻 nextwork

Gerry Crispin: 👻 gerrycrispin

Eric Knauf: 👻 ericknauf

Chris Russell: 👻 chrisrussell3

Mark Hornung: 👻 waqueau

Carmen Shirkey Collins: 👻 cs94wahoo

Kerry Noone: 👻 kerrynoone

Steve Davis: 👻 recruit4u

Joshua Jones: 👻 senojauhsoj

David Lee: 👻 Col_DavidALee

Lindsey Ault-Authier: 👻 lindseyallyson

Christopher Kurts: 👻 kurtzcg

Dwane Lay: 👻 dtlay

George Larocque: 👻 geolarocque

Jeremy Roberts: 👻 imjeremyr

Steve Levy: 👻  steve-levy


I'll keep this list updated as a resource for those in the recruiting space curious about Snapchat. If you're a Recruiter and would like to be added to the list, leave a comment below or Snap me at ThisIsLarsSnap.

Happy snapping!

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