(re)Introducing Amplify

“Well allow me to re-introduce myself” - Hova

I’ve been working in the HR/Recruiting/Talent space for over 15 years. I’ve led the global talent teams from the inside of companies ranging from Fortune 500’s to seed-round startups. I’ve had an opportunity to immerse myself in industries spanning Entertainment, eCommerce, Media, Technology, Hospitality, Aerospace, Healthcare, and more. Each of these experiences taught me something that shaped my worldview around what’s happening at the intersection of culture, talent, and brand.

I’ve seen a lot change during that time, particularly around the field of branding in talent. The maturation of Employer Brand has profoundly changed the ways companies and prospects find each other and interact. Recruiting and Marketing are beginning to converge in some very interesting ways. These shifts have created a new essential skill set for HR teams - creativity.

These new market paradigms are beginning to bring the disciplines of Employer Brand and Consumer Brand closer together. While core outcomes are distinct, the influence exerted on one or the other often have symbiotic commonalities. These changes have me led me to a shift in focus.

Introducing A m p l i f y

A m p l i f y is a new subsidiary of Amplify Talent, working in the space between Employer and Consumer Brand to help companies re-imagine the intersection of culture, talent, and brand. 

We partner with CMO’s and CHRO’s to bridge the gap between HR and Marketing, developing talent-focused campaigns and initiatives that help companies harness and convey their unique culture and illuminate the employee experience. Our solutions allow clients to highlight their culture and talent through intentional story telling, driving measurable brand outcomes via tailored objectives.

Our Mission has changed slightly, but our values remain the same. 

A m p l i f y will harness experience and insights gained over 15 years in corporate roles, with the passion and curiosity of a student in this ever-changing digital world, to help our clients develop compelling brand narratives that influence measurable brand outcomes. We will leverage our deep expertise in talent and passion for brand to help HR or Marketing Executives develop compelling talent narratives that influence specific brand outcomes.

Learn more about A m p l i f y below. Here we go...

PS - I couldn’t leave you hanging with the Jay Z opening quote without following through. Enjoy!