The Evolution of A Job Description - Part One


We're working to re-imagine job descriptions at Hootsuite. It's going to be a multi-stage effort, but we just launched v1 (screen shot below) and will be migrating to this format over the next several weeks.

The goal was to create something more visual (header) and dynamic (hyperlinks), but also reframe the content to speak directly to the reader (you), rather than the traditional framing around the org (we).

Version One also needed to be compliant with our ATS (iCIMS), so visuals are somewhat limited in this first version - but still add a bit of life to the text.

We'll share engagement lift as part of our open source HR effort - #HootHROS. You can check the new JD in use here.

Huge props to Ambrosia (@hambrody), Derek (@derekisley) and their talent team for being game to do something different, and sharing the impact.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 9.11.54 AM