Working Out Loud - My First Two Weeks Inside #HootsuiteLife


Every now and then you have an opportunity to see something up close you've admired from afar for years. That was my reality two weeks ago when I joined Hootsuite as their new Employer Brand Strategist. mural-1920x1080 (4)

This is a dream partnership for Amplify Talent. An opportunity to work with the global leader in social media doesn't come along often, but even more important to me personally is the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in this space and get to experience one of the strongest cultures I've come across.

Culture Comes First

To get a sense of what #HootsuiteLife is all about, you can start with the employee crowdsourced Hootsuite Manifesto (below). It's a blueprint for how to scale an organization in a way that holds true to its roots, mission, and principles.

[slideshare id=42651684&doc=hootsuitemanifesto2014-141212124008-conversion-gate01]


One of the pillars of Hootsuite's language and culture is #BSU (Blow Shit Up). The term embodies a desire to challenge conventional wisdom, take risks, and push boundaries. I experienced this my first week when we hatched an idea to use Periscope to share our global culture and peeps with an initiative called "Operation #FollowTheSun".

The idea behind #FollowTheSun was to shine a bright light on our employees around the globe, giving them a platform to share their stories, and take viewers inside our nests from Singapore to Sao Paulo and everywhere between. This wasn't a safe play, as Periscope was only released two weeks prior, but in the spirit of #BSU everyone was game to give it a go.

The initiative was a success. Over 10,000 viewers tuned in to get an inside look at nine of our offices around the globe. #HootsuiteLife was on full display - #HootDogs, #HootPutt, impromptu nerf gun attacks, and more. We had a lot of fun with it.

More To Come

The Hootsuite Talent team is hatching new campaigns and ways to work out loud and share our culture and team. We'll be introducing them over the coming months, and sharing some of the lessons we're learning along the way through a new Hootsuite Open Source HR initiative (#HootHROS).

Recruiting Leader, Derek Isley (@DerekIsley), and his team will be taking you inside how Hootsuite tackles some of the complex challenges of scaling a global organization, among other social HR projects and initiatives we'll be sharing.

VP Talent, Ambrosia Vertesi (@hambrody) will be sharing more details about #HootHROS on a post on the Hootsuite Blog early next week, so keep an eye on that and be sure to follow that hashtag.

It's going to be a lot of fun sharing what we're doing and learning, so be sure to join us for the ride!