Engagement Analysis: Random Tweets Of Kindness #RTOK

Last week was something special. What began on a whim as a simple gesture to recognize people who’ve impacted me in some way became a sort of movement that impacted hundreds of people around the world.

To all of you who participated – thank you.

I spent over 17 hours watching the Random Tweets of Kindness stream last Wednesday 3/11. As the tweets from around the world kept coming, over 4,000 of them from 35+ countries, I read them all. I was moved by the participation and sincerity of the people who participated, and the surprise and appreciation of those receiving them.

What's Next?

I'm truly grateful for all the support and participation in #RTOK. Some of you have asked about what’s next. I'm currently leaning towards keeping this an annual event, but I want to take some time to really think about this before making a decision. Whether #RTOK is annual or not, the act of participating in something like this may inspire more frequent recognition and appreciation on your own - that's a great thing.

Another Kindness

I wanted to capture a detailed analysis of #RTOK participation and engagement, and asked my network for help. My friend from London, James Mayes, graciously connected me with his friends at Brandwatch. Their PR Manager, Dinah Alaboid, and I discussed the campaign Friday and they provided the detailed analysis and engagement break down below. You can also find their overview on Social Media Today here.

#RTOK Enagement Analysis From Brandwatch

In the past week (March 6-12, 2015) we have seen more than 4,100 mentions of “Random Tweets of Kindness.” Unsurprisingly, mentions have been 36 times more positive than negative (just 1% negative which is negligible and includes such posts as Twitter users saying “thought I was special until I saw my brother gave a #RTOK to so many others").

Women led the conversations with a 54% share of voice. The interests of tweeters include business, family & parenting, books, and technology. Executives (34%) and Sales/Marketing/PR (20%) were the top professions of those participating in the conversations. We saw many mentions from the HR and job recruiting community to recognize the talents of their employees.

A majority of #RTOK tweets originated in the U.S. (87%). The top states include:

  • California (nearly 400 mentions)
  • Virginia (275+ mentions)
  • Illinois (230+ mentions)
  • New York (190+ mentions)

The top shared stories about “Random Tweets of Kindness”:

  • “The Return Of ‘Random Tweets Of Kindness’ #RTOK” - Amplify Talent
  • “Want to Keep Your Employees and Coworkers Happy? Say ’Thank You’ Today” - TIME
  • “Celebrate Others with Random Tweets of Kindness #RTOK” - Robin Schooling
  • “This Small Gesture Will Strengthen Your Relationships - Today” - The Muse


Most conversations occurred on Wednesday, March 11, which accounted for 78% of all mentions.

Brandwatch History

The most popular hour for tweets occurred at 12 p.m. EDT (4 p.m. GMT) with 400+ mentions.

Brandwatch popular hours

[Of note, this graph represents GMT timezone]

During the 12 p.m. ET hour, words like “love,” “Twitter,” “Kindness,” and “Today” were used most.

brandwatch word cloud2

Top Hashtags

The official hashtag of the campaign, #RTOK was the most used with more than 4,000 tweets and retweets.

Kohl’s employees also tweeted their kindness and the #LifeAtKohls hashtag was used nearly 50 times within those conversations.

Brandwatch top hashtags

Most Mentioned Tweeters

Brandwatch most mentioned

Top Emoticons

Brandwatch Emoticons

The smiley face emoticon :), was used more than 130 times.

Most Mentioned Topics

As noted above, HR was one of the most mentioned topics (nearly 300 mentions).

Brandwatch word cloud


Brandwatch Gender

Brandwatch Interests_Professions


Brandwatch Map

Brandwatch Tweets by state