#truChicago Recap


[The following is a guest blog post from Brand Amper Co-Founder, Lisa Cervenka]

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Jason Seiden and I had the pleasure of representing our company, Brand Amper, and acting as correspondents for AmplifyTalent at #truChicago last week.

The day started off talking tech, with people pointing out the gap between what tech buyers and tech users need/want. Vendors beware: there was lots of frustration from practitioners that current tech solutions (1) don't lend themselves to a seamless experience and (2) are not easily integrated with one another. So, articulating a problem/solution is your start, not your end. You also need to support implementation!

One of the most interesting points about tech? Low tech is actually still extremely valuable. Talk time continues to be one of the most important KPIs.

"Candidate experience" reigned supreme. We spend lots of time discussing what that means and what it should look like. Bill Boorman pointed out how crucial it is to map your actual hiring process before you try to improve the candidate experience, as it is not unusual for a large company to have as many as 24 people involved in the hiring process... 24 people!

The conversation shifted into Employer Branding—the most demanding brand there is, because it’s always in flux. Lots of chatter on this. To be effective, it has to be reflective what’s true (not what management wishes were true), executed the right way (operationalized, budgeted), supported by the right team (with both recruiting and marketing skills, as well as C-level support), and owned by the employees.

Out of this discussion came a heated debate about Glassdoor!

In the end, we were impressed by Bill Boorman’s knack for getting the right people together, in the right place, focused on the right things.

The conversation will continue this week... We will be listening from across the pond as #TruLondon gets underway!

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