Inside #TruChicago With Special Amplify Talent Correspondents - Brand Amper


If you subscribe to the Amplify Talent newsletter, you know I'm a big fan of unconferences like Bill Boorman's #Tru events and Craig Fisher's TalentNet Interactive [plug: join me at TalentNet Interactive SXSW next month in Austin]. These events are great for recruiting and always spark lively dialog and challenge conventional views and wisdom in the field of recruiting. The latest #Tru event will be Thursday 2/19 in Chicago - #TruChicago. I won't be attending, but fortunately for me and our Amplify readers our friends at Brand Amper will be covering the event for us as special correspondents. Brand Amper Founders Jason Seiden (@Seiden) and Lisa Cervenka (@BrandNRD) will be on the ground live tweeting the conference throughout the day. Give them a follow and keep an eye on the #TruChicago hashtag throughout the day tomorrow.

We'll be following the conversation on Twitter and RT'ing some of the highlights on @AmplifyTalent. Jason and Lisa will be guest blogging here with a post-event recap next week.

PS - If you follow the Cool Tools podcast, Craig and I will have some exciting news coming next week about the TalentNet Interactive conference next month. Stay tuned...

About Brand Amper

Brand Amper [Brand Amper Company Summary] is a branding solution specifically designed to meet the demands of managing and building a brand on LinkedIn and other social platforms, where the voice of the employee trumps the voice of the company.

Combining a storytelling wizard and analytics engine, Brand Amper builds companies’ brands by (1) helping employees look their best on social media and (2) aggregating employees’ voices into structured data that shows how employees represent the brand online.

Brand Amper enables companies to iterate and share brand messaging rapidly with employees, reducing brand development and recruitment marketing costs, expediting social media adoption, improving employee advocacy, and driving business results.