Introducing The Employer Brand Chat - #EBchat


The field of recruiting has seen some seismic shifts over the past three years as Employer Branding continues to mature. The corporate recruiter's toolbelt continues to expand, and the pressure to find new ways to help our companies compete in this increasingly candidate-centric marketplace continues to grow. Many corporate recruiting teams still struggle with where to start. We're all at different stages of the adoption curve when it comes to Employer Branding. Some are pushing the envelope with ground-breaking integrated multi-channel campaigns, others are still trying to get their leadership teams to support integrating a social layer to their recruiting efforts.

Open Source Recruiting

There is a group of people working at the leading edge of Employer Branding who Bryan Chaney pulled together to collaborate and exchange ideas on Employer Branding - the Talent Brand Alliance. The group includes many thinkers and hackers in the field of Employer Branding including Bryan, Stacy Zapar, Will Staney, Celinda Appleby, Crystal Miller, Shannon Smedstad, Ambrosia Humphrey, Carrie Corbin, Kerry Noone, Chloe Rada, and others.

We've all benefitted from the exchange of ideas in this group, and felt the industry lacked a broader platform to share ideas, tools, resources, jobs, benchmarking, and inspiration in the field of Employer Branding. We wanted to find new ways to open these discussions up to a broader audience, and create a platform where everyone can benefit from the open exchange of ideas.

Introducing #EBchat

We're excited to announce the launch of a new collectively owned monthly chat, #EBchat, to enhance collaboration and communication within the community of peers working in the field of Employer Brand. #EBchat will be a Twitter chat (for now) that will take place the first Thursday of every month from 12:30-1:30pm EST. The chat covers a broad range of topics from best practices to platforms to tools. Each month a new moderator/s will lead the chat. The goal of #EBchat is to help move the field of Employer Branding forward by having more open collaboration and exchanging of ideas and practices, peer networking, and creating a forum to aggregate online conversations around Employer Branding.

The first #EBchat will be Thursday 2/5 and led by Celinda Appleby and Shannon Smedstad. Keep an eye on the #EBchat hashtag on Twitter for more details.

We'll also use the #EBchat hashtag as a way to help facilitate ongoing dialog and conversation around the field of Employer Brand. If you're tweeting/sharing any content related to Employer Brand, be sure to include that hashtag to reach that #EBchat community.