Random Tweets Of Kindness


Thank You.

These two words convey gratitude, and I have a lot to be thankful for these days.

We all lead busy lives. We multi-task. We fall into the busy trap. In this ever-connected world it's getting harder and harder for us to step back, take stock, appreciate the things (and people) we have, and give thanks.

Social media takes a lot of heat for fueling a #selfie generation. Some of the criticism is fair, but my experience with social media has been quite different. It's led to great friendships, opened my eyes to new ways of thinking, teaches me something new each day, is both a classroom and a sounding board for ideas, and it's allowed me to build a diverse network of people who inspire and motivate me.

Having recently launched a new business, I was overwhelmed at the amount of support and kindness I received from my friends and network. It led me to think of many other people who've inspired me over the past several years.

With that thought, I decided to dedicate my Twitter timeline on Wednesday, March 26th to #RandomTweetsOfKindness. My plan is to fill my timeline with tweets of kind words to friends over the entire day. I can't possibly tweet everyone who deserves it, but will be picking a mix of people across my network to tweet.

Want To Join Me? 

Has someone recently inspired you? Let them know with a tweet using the #RandomTweetsOfKindness hashtag..and thank you for participating.

PS - I know this hashtag length violates all the social media rules. Since the tweets are random, I thought it would be best to spell it out rather than abbreviate.