A Recap Of #NPRTwitterChat


Twitter's Chris Dobbins, NPR's Lars Schmidt, Jennifer McClure and William Tincup discuss the upcoming #NPRTwitterChat event at Twitter HQ. [photo courtesy of Craig Fisher]Last week was the debut of #NPRTwitterChat, a collaboration between the HR teams of NPR and Twitter aimed at helping job seekers use social media as a job search tool. There were over 800 tweets sent throughout the one hour chat. The Storify link below captures some of the highlights. Feel free to share freely with anyone you think could benefit.

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Thanks to our friends at Twitter's @JoinTheFlock, especially Janet Vanhuysse (@janetvh), Anitra Collins (@anitra10), and Chris Dobbins (@dobbins) for collaborating on this effort. I also want to thank some of the HR/Recruiting friends who shared their expertise including Laurie Ruettimann (@lruettimann), Alexandra Levit (@alevit), Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs), William Tincup (@williamtincup), Susan LaMotte (@SusanLamotte), Jennifer McClure (@JenniferMcClure), and Curtis Midkiff (@SHRMSMG).

There were many great tweets shared during #NPRTwitterChat. Here are some of my favorites:

    • @BrianBoyer: Be active. Participate in communities that you care about. Talk to folks in the field. Ask questions. Be smart.
    • @TdoubleD: Yes, use it to network. Reach out to people who are doing the job you aspire to and ask questions.
    • @JMass: A tweet chat is the synchronous use of Twitter as an open learning exchange.
    • @lruettimann: You can find a job on twitter by helping other people find jobs on Twitter. Good karma and reciprocity are valued.
    • @acavoulacos: Twitter is great for connecting meaningfully w/ ppl + companies you don't already know which is much harder w/ fb + LinkedIN
    • @JMass: Own your brand. What do your last 20 tweets say about you?
    • @SusanLaMotte: Create lists to show you know your industry--a unique way to stand out and help others.
    • @nikilustig: What if you treat each bullet on your resume as a tweet? It'd get some attention + cut thru the clutter #meaningfulbrevity
    • @Keppie_Careers: Check Wefollow and Listorious to find ppl in your industry. Check who industry leaders follow & follow those ppl, too!
    • @ReCenterMovement: Twitter contains digital villages for every conceivable business profession.
    • @rothmana: content is king, what value do you add to the community, do you give back or just consume?
    • @mattcharney: Your voice @Twitter is basically your calling card when it comes to culture fit. Be yourself, not a "personal brand."
    • @SHRMSMG: Recruiters and hiring managers can see via your #twitter that in hiring you, they inherit your network 2!
    • @mattcharney: You might love God, Guns or Gin; chances are, most employers do not. At least publicly. Keep those out of the convo.
    • @JenniferMcClure: When you go to a networking event, you have to speak up. Get out of your comfort zone. Listen & Learn. Twitter is same.
    • @lruettimann: Best practices for netwoking include tweeting cat photos and talking about your latest diet. Not joking. Be real.
    • @anitra10: Share content that's valuable-the more relevant contributions you make, the more others will want to connect with you.
    • @jmass: A tweet is the DNA of your thinking. #tweetsmart
    • @jmass: You are the whole of everything you share everywhere.
    • @dobbins: You should consider building a personal web page (eg. about.me). They're an effective, creative supplement to a resume.
    • @RecEnterMoment: 52% of the world's population was under age 30 in 2010 = digital natives (mobile, socially networked) via @powerRTM
    • @Talemetry: Like any employer of choice, show your passion - but for the people, not the product. Groupies don't get gigs.
    • @Javaun: Chase your passion. A lot of our employees start as interns. They stick around as temps. Never give up.

You can learn more about the origins of this collaboration between NPR and Twitter's HR teams here.

Behind the scenes at #NPRTwitterChat with Lars Schmidt, William Tincup, Jennifer McClure, Anitra Collins, Chris Dobbins, Aaron Rothman and other members of the Twitter recruiting team.