LinkedIn's Top 10 Overused Buzzwords, And The Rise Of #Sociallateral


USA-LI - Buzzwords-2012LinkedIn’s 2012 list of most used buzzwords was published today. Most of these terms are pretty common. I haven’t performed a self-audit yet, but it’s likely all of them show up in one area or another on my profile. Is that bad? No. The key to a good LinkedIn profile (and resume for that matter) is not to abuse these terms. When used constructively to illustrate specific examples of what you have accomplished, these terms can be valuable. When strung together to show your responsibilities include utilizing your extensive experience and effective track record leveraging innovative and creative problem solving solutions (six points!) – well, off to jargon jail for you.

These terms may be overused on LinkedIn, but most are pretty innocuous. However, there are buzzwords and jargon out there that when overused WILL cost you credibility. Let’s take a look.

  1. Disrupt (once, okay. Included in every bullet in every company, not okay)
  2. Synergy (especially in verb form)
  3. Value-add (are you concerned people might interpret your work to remove value?)
  4. Outside the box (insert Brad Pitt Seven reference….now)
  5. Offline (unless you’re in a chat room and looking to take things, well, offline)

Made up word I hope will make the cut in 2013?



1: using one's social media influence as a form of collateral
2: demonstrating you are awesome; seriously, seriously awesome
So·cial·lat·er·al noun


Jargon. Coined over dinner and drinks somewhere outside of Chicago following the TalentNew Live conference. First used in public at SHRM Talent Tomorrow by panelist, Lars Schmidt. Broken English; from Middle English, from Latin socialis and Anglo-French collateralis.