Moustache Season Is Coming, I'm Looking For A Few Good MOs.


Can you feel it in the air? That magical moustachical month we call Movember is fast approaching. A month where refined and debonair gentlemen walk the streets bringing civility, and a large dose of handsome, to all they encounter. A time when our Mo Sistas stand by our sides, reinforcing our manly lip sweaters, showcasing their own amazingnacity, and joining us to collectively tell cancer, "Pardon me scoundrel, you will not be taking any more of the good men we love dearly. We will band together, and we will vanquish you."

What is Movember? 

Our team, Big Kahunas Ascot Society (BKAS) has raised over $20,000 the last three years in the fight against cancer. I'm humbled and honored at our collective efforts in the fight against cancer. Our bar is high, but our resolve is higher.

Looking for a few good MoBros and Mo Sistas.

As we approach moustache season in 2012, I'm looking for a few fine men and women to join us in the fight against cancer. I'll be sharing the story of the origin of BKAS in a blog post next month. This is an open club, so the more refined Mo Bros and lovely Mo Sistas the better. Feel free to share this link with anyone you feel might be interested in participating.

Mofully and respectfully,

Lars Schmidt Chief MO Officer Big Kahunas Ascot Society