Advice for Job Seekers: Share Your Wisdom

Next week I will be attending the 2012 UNITY convention in Las Vegas. UNITY is a convention held every four years by a coalition of several diversity journalism organizations: Asian American Journalists AssociationNational Lesbian and Gay Journalists AssociationNational Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the Native American Journalists Association.  I am really looking forward to moderating a panel of HR and recruiting professionals while I’m there. Among the panelists, there is a combined 40+ years of recruiting experience. The panelists are Jen Hanlon Ash from American Public MediaBrent Jones from USA Today, and Brooke Camp from CNN. The panel discussion will be focused on career and job search advice for journalists. The abstract is below. Landing Your First GigEverything you need to know about internships and getting your first job. Learn why internships matter and how they set the stage for your career and for your first full-time journalism job.

Well, that was the original abstract. We decided that we’ll broaden the discussion to include advice for entry to mid-level job seekers as well. In advance of the panel session, we're soliciting questions from attendees. Some of the questions had me thinking about my own career and the advice I've received along the way. I then thought about my network and wondered what career advice and wisdom a bunch of HR professionals might impart to someone early in their career. Well, I imagine if you're reading this you're likely in the HR/Recruiting/Talent space or at least curious about it. If you're not in HR and you're reading this, that's awesome and thanks for reading. I'm hoping to gather job search / career advice from all backgrounds in the comments below. I'll start.

I've been fortunate to have some great mentors throughout my career and I gave props to several of them in my first Amplify Talent post - And So It Begins, With Gratitude. I have a hard time singling out any one piece of advice as 'the best', but here's one I've been thinking about a lot lately: “never ask for less than you need to do a great job." My recall may be altering that quote a bit from it's original form, but that advice came from John Vlastelica, who runs Recruiting Toolbox, at this year's SHRM National conference. John's a “recruiter's recruiter.”  He’s smart, plugged into what's going on in the talent market, has strategery (yes I just used strategery) and vision, and has a style that's very relatable. His advice is something I know most recruiters and HR pros struggle with; as we’re often asked to take on a multitude of projects and initiatives. It's a good reminder for me that you shouldn't commit to anything you don't have the resources to execute well.

Okay, now it's your turn. What career advice have you received that stands out, or has been on your mind lately?

Note: I'll be in Las Vegas most of next week so will likely break my self-imposed weekly posting schedule. I'll be back to regular postings the following week. If you're interested you can follow the Twitter back-channel Thursday 8/2 10:30-Noon PST at #1stGig.