Amplify Tool Review: Mobile Tools for Mobile Recruiters


If you happened to read George Anders' recent Forbes cover story about LinkedIn, you know that I'm a big proponent of recruiters getting out of the office and going mobile. The recruiting landscape has evolved. Call it Recruiting 3.0 or whatever term you'd like, but the days of sitting in front of a computer banging on a keyboard talking into your headset are in the past (P.S. if you haven't read that Recruiting 3.0 article you're missing out. It's a great playbook for modern recruiting that influenced some of my views that you can read about in this Quora question). We're living in an incredibly dynamic landscape for top talent. Recruiters must evangelize for their organizations: conferences, network events, tweetups, hackathons - whatever, wherever and whenever they can. So for today's recruiters to be at their best, they need an arsenal of mobile recruiting tools. I'm an admitted digital/tech geek. My Twitter bio even says it so you know it's true. I'm also a big fan of mobile apps. As I do in my Amplify Tools reviews, in this blog post I want to share apps I use regularly that help me in my recruiting efforts. Rather than focusing on one tool, I will share a compilation of mobile tools that I use. I'm an Apple guy so these will be primarily iOS apps, though I imagine most also are available on Android.

    • LinkedIn (Free) - I know I know. What a bold start. Obviously if you're a recruiter you have LinkedIn installed on your mobile and iPad. BUT, have you taken advantage of the calendar integration? From the home screen on your mobile app you can see the LinkedIn profiles of all the people you're meeting with. Pretty damn cool, and very useful for recruiters on the road.
    • Cardmunch (Free) - CardMunch is a useful app that was recently acquired by LinkedIn. It allows you to take a picture of business cards on your mobile device and connect on LinkedIn. Fast and useful for recruiters on the go. 
    • Evernote (Free) - One of the most valuable tools I have - and why I rarely carry paper notebooks. Evernote is a cloud based note taking app that allows you to create virtual notes and notebooks that you can access on any device - desktop/web, mobile, iPad. The days of having those really important notes from your hiring manager meetings written down on that notepad in your office 3,000 miles away are over. 
    • Hootsuite (Free) - View, post, and manage most of your social media channels in one central platform. The iOS mobile version lacks the ability to see the posts you have scheduled, but most of the other functionality is there. If I had a dollar for every time I refreshed one of my gazillion columns on my commute, well, I'd have a lot of a dollars.
    • Buffer (Free) - If you read my full review on Buffer you'll already know it's one of my most important social media tools. Their mobile app gives you visibility into your scheduled posts, analytics, etc. Kudos BufferApp. 
    • Tweeb ($1.99) - If you manage multiple Twitter accounts and obsess over your followers, this app is for you! It tracks followers/unfollowers, @ mentions, RTs, etc across multiple accounts. Try not to get addicted. If you do, sorry about that.
    • Klout (Free) - If you track your Klout score by the day, you might be a tool. BUT you're reading this blog so there is hope for you. So why am I listing this app? If Klout scores matter to you, this is useful. Note: I'm not a Klout hater. I actually think it does provide valuable insights. I just don't think we should rabidly obsess over our scores or see it as an absolute measure of influence. 
    • Touch Docs ($3.99) - Are you using Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)? Google Drive is a cloud based storage system that allows you to store up to 5G of data for free. You can download Google Drive to your desktop so you can access your documents even when offline. Touch Docs allows you to do the same on your iPhone. VERY valuable for mobile recruiters. UPDATE: Google Drive for iOS was released last week and is free.
    • Chrome (Free) - Chrome is my (and I expect many others) favorite browser. It's fast, has tons of useful extensions that do cool things (I'll delve into some of these in a future Amplify Tools review), and the recent release of Chrome of iOS allows your to sync all of your bookmarks across desktop and devices. 
    • Wordpress (Free) - If you host a blog on WordPress, you likely already have this. It allows you to view stats, write posts and even upload pics and video to your WordPress site. AmplifyTalent is hosted on WordPress so I use this regularly. 
    • Highlight (Free) - This app is one of several location based networking apps that emerged at this year's SXSW. It allows you to sync your social media profiles (FB, Twitter) and receive a notification when people with similar contacts and/or interests are nearby. You can also 'highlight' specific people you may want to meet at events and get push notifications when they're in your general proximity. Perhaps a little creepy if you have stalkers or groupies, but very useful if you're a recruiter actively looking to network at events. 
    • TripIt (Free) - If you travel regularly, I highly recommend TripIt. You forward your emailed itineraries to this app and it compiles all of your travel info: flights, hotels, car rentals, etc in one location and makes it very easy to find. You can also upgrade to TripIt pro for $49/year for more features including tracking all of your frequent flier program points. 
    • Skype (Free) - You have probably already used this to talk to your Grandmother in Kansas, but more recruiters and organizations are using video to interview candidates. Skype is a great tool to use to stay in touch with your hiring managers and contacts on the go. 
This list is far from comprehensive. Got a mobile tool you love? Sharing is caring so let me know what tools you use when you're on the road. I'd love to see your comments and will add them to a list for others to use.