Have You Found Your Independence Day?


It's that time of the year: cold beer, hot meat, explosions in the sky, star spangled tank tops  (apparently tankers are cool again? Another topic for another blog post), and patriotism gone wild. This is the US of A. The land of the free and the home of the brave. On this day we celebrate our independence and the birth of our nation. A nation founded on strong principals: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So, have you found your independence day? I know what you're thinking. This isn't about me, this is about the US of A. You're right, and you're wrong - bear with me.  Let's explore the pursuit of happiness. Have you dedicated yourself to this pursuit? What does this mean to you?  We all have a finite number of years to walk this earth. Some of you have religious beliefs that extend into an afterlife far beyond those years. Some of you don't. We're not going to explore religion here, but what I think we can all agree on is the sobering truth that every day after our birth brings us closer to death. Harsh, I know.

I'm not trying to bring you down ahead of your Independence Day celebration, quite the opposite actually. I'm trying to make a point. Life is short. Every day is a gift. None of us know how many days we'll have here in this world.  What I do know is you have a decision to make each and every one of those days. Will you live it in the pursuit of happiness?

This pursuit isn't easy. Life isn't always easy. Life can be hard. Life can be cruel at times. I'm not pretending we don't have a dozen or more things that come up over the course of the day to derail your pursuit. Maybe your ladder climbing co-worker sabotaged your presentation. Perhaps your already sucky commute just got worse when the trains went down. Maybe you lost power in a storm and went without electricity for five days and it's 102 degrees outside (shout out to my DC peeps). Do all these things suck? You bet. Do they have to derail your pursuit of happiness? No they don't.

It's a pursuit. Something you are consciously deciding to go after each and every day. It's not easy, and you'll stray from time to time, but it's a pursuit worthwhile. Happy Independence Day friends.

Now, we can celebrate by watching Kobayashi pursue his happiness by eating 69 hot dogs.