Employment Branding, It's All About The Employees


Inspiring Places to Work - brought to you by The Daily Muse. We were fortunate to recently be featured by The Daily Muse in their 'Inspiring Places To Work' series. If you're not familiar with them, they're a community of bloggers based out of NYC who share career advice on a broad range of topics. Earlier this year they started a new feature where they put together multimedia online presentations on different organization including Mashable, Foursquare, Pinterest, Warby Parker, Klout, Tumblr and more. You can read an article Fast Company did on these features here. It was very cool to have NPR included with so many companies at the forefront of digital innovation. You can check it out here.

It was fun working with the Daily Muse team to put this together. They sent a team of three to capture photos and video around the office for about an hour. At the conclusion, they conducted video interviews with three employees. I volunteered for one of them (though I think I have a brighter future in radio) and asked two of my colleagues from different areas of the organization (digital news and mobile) to join us.

I went first and covered a variety of topics and areas you might expect of a recruiter; intern program, career paths, interview process, diversity of staff and opportunity, etc. I then sat back and watched the other interviews. This was my favorite part of the experience. It was inspiring and energizing to hear their stories (you can check them out here: Tanya Ballard Brown, Jennifer Oh, Lars Schmidt). Listening to their stories about how they arrived at NPR, why they love it, what their day is like, etc fired me up. It was a great reminder for me why employment and recruitment branding is so important, and underscored for me why it's all about the employees.

As much as I like evangelizing about NPR, I'm a recruiter. That's expected of me. The real power of branding is harnessing your employee's voices, not just yours. Recruiters and employment branding/marketing pros must tap into that if they really want to connect and share an authentic engaging narratives that resonate with prospects and fans.