Amplify Tool Review: Crowdbooster


Image If you happened to catch my presentation at ERE's Recruiting Innovation Summit or RecruitDC last month, you may have seen some screenshots of one of my favorite tools, Crowdbooster. Founded in 2010 by three Stanford alums, Crowdbooster is another innovative company to come out of Silicon Valley's Y Combinator incubator. This is a tremendous tool for anyone who uses social media. It provides deep audience insights that allows you to track metrics on individual tweets (retweets, reach, impressions), track follower growth and influential followers, identify top re-tweeters, and more. This powerful analytics tool works on Twitter and Facebook so you can measure impact, reach and fan/follower engagement on both platforms. It also suggests when to post based on traffic patterns of your followers.

  • Website
  • CostFreemium, the personal account is free and covers one Twitter account and one Facebook fan page. If you need to link more accounts, you can upgrade to professional or business. Full pricing details can be found here.
  • Mobile Friendly: No mobile app and website not optimized for mobile.
  • Recruiter Benefits: If you're using social media in your recruiting efforts (and you should be) you should be measuring your campaigns to gauge how successful they are - and adjust them - often. This tool provides very actionable analytics for you to understand the reach of every tweet or Facebook fan page post you send, identify brand advocates you may want to engage and build your fan base in Twitter and Facebook.
  • Rating: 8/10