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The Accelerating Pace Of Innovation

Hello from #truHelsinki. I’m spending the next two days with a diverse group of recruiters and HR pros across Europe for the first Tru event in Helsinki. The sessions have been interesting, and confirmed that we all face many of the same talent struggles around the world. I had several conversations over the past three days on a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately – innovation.

“When I’m talking about the future, I’m talking about three months time. That’s the pace of technology” – Bill Boorman

It’s fascinating to think of how far technology has progressed over the last 10 years. I remember my first talent database at a recruiting agency I worked with, Pencom Systems. It was built on Sco Unix and was coded to be just simple enough that non-techies could use it. There was a library of four digit skill key words and an open text box for recruiter comments. You could search on keywords, area codes and zip codes. It was quite effective, and a differentiator for Pencom at the time. Continue reading

Amplify Tools

Amplify Tool Review: Crowdbooster


If you happened to catch my presentation at ERE’s Recruiting Innovation Summit or RecruitDC last month, you may have seen some screenshots of one of my favorite tools, Crowdbooster. Founded in 2010 by three Stanford alums, Crowdbooster is another innovative company to come out of Silicon Valley‘s Y Combinator incubator. This is a tremendous tool for anyone who uses social media. It provides deep audience insights that allows you to track metrics on individual tweets (retweets, reach, impressions), track follower growth and influential followers, identify top re-tweeters, and more. This powerful analytics tool works on Twitter and Facebook so you can measure impact, reach and fan/follower engagement on both platforms. It also suggests when to post based on traffic patterns of your followers. Continue reading


Amplify Tool Review: BufferApp

I’m a tech geek. I’ve been interested in technology and tools since my first Atari system more than a few years ago. My interests are ever evolving and I’m always on the hunt for cool new technology, particularly in the talent and recruiting space.

The tools section in Amplify Talent will highlight various recruiting and social media tools I use or am interested in exploring. The inaugural AT Tools post highlights one of my favorites – BufferApp.


Love BufferApp! This is a platform that allows you to schedule and post messages to a variety of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It integrates to bit.ly so you can can track click thrus on all your posts. You set the post frequency – days, hours, patterns. They have an iOS app which makes it easy to manage on the fly. The also have extensions for Chrome and Firefox to make it super simple to capture whatever content you’d like to share. For recruiters and social media pros with busy schedules (sound familiar?), it’s truly great. Bonus? The founder and Co-Founder, Joel & Leo, are very responsive and regularly iterate and add enhancements based on user feedback. Continue reading