Things I’m Looking Forward To In My First LinkedIn Talent Connect (#InTalent)

I’m writing this at 30,000 feet as I’m on my way to Las Vegas for LinkedIn’s annual global user conference, Talent Connect. I’ll admit, I’m a LinkedIn homer, and a devoted fan since I joined in February of 2005.

I admired their strategy to build market share and focus on becoming the de facto professional social network, before looking for more way to monetize their site and offerings. I’m a tech geek with an affinity towards mobile apps, and LinkedIn has strong iOS offerings that really provide a lot of value for recruiters. The Outlook calendar integration in particular, and tools like CardMunch, are huge time savers with practical use for mobile recruiters.

Today’s recruiters have to be mobile, engaging the populations where their organizations recruit, and evangelizing for their companies at every opportunity. These are some of the benefits LinkedIn provides that I mentioned in a contribution to George Anders recent Forbes cover story on LinkedIn.

So, yes, I’m a fan. What am I looking forward to over the next three days in Las Vegas? Continue reading


And So It Begins, With Gratitude

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new project, Amplify Talent. This platform will focus on all things talent: trends, tools, recruiting best practices, recruitment process optimization, employment branding, social media, and leadership – among other various musings and observations. The content will be based on my recruiting experience gained over the last 14 years across a broad range of industries and organizations. But before I can move forward with this project, I need to reflect on some of the people who helped me along the way.

The year was 1998. I was a rookie technical recruiter with Pencom Systems in my first job straight out of FSU, learning what it meant to be a recruiter. Fortunately, I had an amazing mentor who believed in me and challenged me to be my best – Rick Krostag. Rick was from the old school of recruiting. Give him a phone book and a phone and he’d find five Java programmers by the end of the day. He taught me how to recruit the right way – building strong and lasting relationships, out working everyone, working with integrity, following through, hustling, and candor. Rick played a key role in shaping my approach to recruiting in the early stages of my career. He went on to establish his own recruiting firm, Connective Talent, in Houston with much success. He was a great boss, and I’m proud to call him a friend. Continue reading


Amplify Tool Review: BufferApp

I’m a tech geek. I’ve been interested in technology and tools since my first Atari system more than a few years ago. My interests are ever evolving and I’m always on the hunt for cool new technology, particularly in the talent and recruiting space.

The tools section in Amplify Talent will highlight various recruiting and social media tools I use or am interested in exploring. The inaugural AT Tools post highlights one of my favorites – BufferApp.


Love BufferApp! This is a platform that allows you to schedule and post messages to a variety of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It integrates to so you can can track click thrus on all your posts. You set the post frequency – days, hours, patterns. They have an iOS app which makes it easy to manage on the fly. The also have extensions for Chrome and Firefox to make it super simple to capture whatever content you’d like to share. For recruiters and social media pros with busy schedules (sound familiar?), it’s truly great. Bonus? The founder and Co-Founder, Joel & Leo, are very responsive and regularly iterate and add enhancements based on user feedback. Continue reading