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Job Search Advice: #NPRTwitterChat II Recap

This is a recap of the second #NPRTwitterChat, a collaboration between the HR teams of NPR and Twitter. #NPRTwitterChat is a quarterly chat that brings together experienced professionals at the intersections of HR, recruiting, and social media to provide job search advice and share jobs.

In this edition of the chat, we covered the following topics:

    • Q1: What Social Media advice do you have for recent grads or students/interns?
    • Q2: The job requires experience, but I don’t have any. How do I get it?
    • Q3: What are some tools, tips, and tech that can help in your job search?
    • Q4: I’m a perfect fit for the job why didn’t I get it?
    • Q5: How can I build relationships with recruiters and/or employees in companies I’m interested in?
    • BONUS: Hiring? Take the last 10 minutes to share your jobs with chat attendees.

We had over 50 participants sharing their experience, tips, and recommendations. You can find the Storify recap link below:

#NPRTwitterChat II Recap – 5/30/13

We’ll be back for the third installment of #NPRTwitterChat in late Summer. In the meantime, you can keep up with our friends at Twitter on @JoinTheFlock, and NPR at @NPRjobs.

Be sure to check out the Storify for many other participants who regularly share career and job search insights like Laurie Ruettimann (@lruettimann), Jessica Merrell (@Blogging4Jobs), Matt Charney (@mattcharney), Justin Mass (@jmass), Steve Levy (@levyrecruits), and others.

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A Recap Of #NPRTwitterChat

Twitter's Chris Dobbins, NPR's Lars Schmidt, Jennifer McClure and William Tincup discuss the upcoming #NPRTwitterChat event at Twitter HQ. [photo courtesy of Craig Fisher]

Twitter’s Chris Dobbins, NPR’s Lars Schmidt, Jennifer McClure and William Tincup discuss the upcoming #NPRTwitterChat event at Twitter HQ. [photo courtesy of Craig Fisher]

Last week was the debut of #NPRTwitterChat, a collaboration between the HR teams of NPR and Twitter aimed at helping job seekers use social media as a job search tool.

There were over 800 tweets sent throughout the one hour chat. The Storify link below captures some of the highlights. Feel free to share freely with anyone you think could benefit.

Click to view the story “#NPRTwitterChat Recap” on Storify

Thanks to our friends at Twitter’s @JoinTheFlock, especially Janet Vanhuysse (@janetvh), Anitra Collins (@anitra10), and Chris Dobbins (@dobbins) for collaborating on this effort. I also want to thank some of the HR/Recruiting friends who shared their expertise including Laurie Ruettimann (@lruettimann), Alexandra Levit (@alevit), Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs), William Tincup (@williamtincup), Susan LaMotte (@SusanLamotte), Jennifer McClure (@JenniferMcClure), and Curtis Midkiff (@SHRMSMG). Continue reading


A Preview Of #NPRTwitterChat On #TalentNet Live

NPRTwitterChat2As we approach next week’s #NPRTwitterChat event (Thursday 1/31, 5-6pm EST), our friends at #TalentNet will be hosting the voices behind the @NPRjobs and @JoinTheFlock Twitter accounts to share their experiences managing and building social recruiting platforms on Twitter. The event will be Tuesday 1/29 from 7-8pm EST and you can listen to the live broadcast at TalentNet Live’s BlogTalk Radio Page, and/or follow along on Twitter using the #TalentNet hashtag.

The one hour event will be hosted by TalentNet founder, Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs), and include Lars Schmidt (@ThisIsLars) from NPR and Anitra Collins (@anitra10) from Twitter. We’ll provide the background on #NPRTwitterChat, and share insights on building and managing a social recruiting platform on Twitter during conversation in the following areas.

Q1. What advice do you have for employers looking to leverage Twitter as a recruiting channel? Any lessons learned?

Q2. What are the most common myths or misperceptions about using Twitter to find jobs or candidates?

Q3. How do Twitter chats like #NPRTwitterChat fit in? What’s the best way to stand out on a Twitter chat?

You can also learn more about #NPRTwitterChat in this interview Social Media Club DC conducted with me and one of our #NPRTwitterChat guest experts, Susan LaMotte (@SusanLaMotte).