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You Never Forget Your First

As we go through life, we’re fortunate to meet some amazing individuals who inspire us; professionally, personally, and when we’re lucky – both.

hr fishbowlI waited roughly a year from the first moment I considered blogging until I launched this site. Why? Blogging was new to me, and I knew I had a lot to learn. Fortunately for me the HR community has a deep pool of experienced and talented bloggers and writers to learn from – and one of the best is Charlie Judy, and his blog HR Fishbowl. Continue reading

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How To Pick Your Next Employer

A former colleague reached out to me a few weeks ago with a quandary. She had recently joined a well-known company in a Marketing leadership role – and learned a few weeks in the manager, culture, and organization were not at all what she expected. She loves the work she’s doing – but doesn’t feel she’s in the right organization and was seeking advice on how to pick the right employer. The full background of our discussion is here.

We talked about a few things she could do, which led her to suggest the topic would make for a good blog post. I wanted to tap into the collective wisdom of my network so thought I’d pose the question to some smart HR friends and see what advice they have. I got some great responses below that provide valuable insights and action job seekers can use when vetting their next opportunity. I also recommend reading this recent article by George Anders, 11 Ways to Gauge Your Next Employer’s Culture.

Susan LaMotte (Exaqueo.comblog@SusanLamotte

  • Ask to speak to more people in the organization–make sure you get 15 minutes with key team members in all reporting lines
  • Ask your potential new boss what his/her day is like–what meetings they have on the calendars and how work gets done
  • Find people who have just left the org (previous job on linked in profile) and find out why
  • Ask for examples of times things happened that they promise. for example: “that’s great to hear that you’re really focused on career pathing as an organization. Can you provide an example or two of how that has played out for a few individuals?”
  • Ask things like “how would you react to me doing _____” and fill in the blank with the innovative idea or unique work practice you’re accustomed to. Continue reading
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Introducing Career Hangout

Pay it forward.

My friend Laurie Ruettimann and I got together a few months ago and talked about the state of the job market. Many people are struggling. Struggling to find jobs, to keep jobs, to find their way out from dead end jobs, and struggling on how to advance their careers in a climate where salaries are flat and opportunities are scarce. This discussion got us thinking about what we can we do to help.

We’ve both been in HR for our entire careers. We’ve been exposed to almost every HR scenario you can imagine: hiring, firing, promoting, training, developing – you name it. We both have a lot of smart friends in our industry with great expertise in job search and career development. We know recruiters at many top employers throughout the U.S. We have friends who are accomplished professionals in a variety of fields. We realized we could leverage those contacts, knowledge and expertise to to help people manage and develop their careers, and we could do it through Career Hangout (CHO). Continue reading