This Is NPR Recruiting: An Employment Branding Case Study

Social Media has had a profound impact on the field of recruiting. Employment branding, talent attraction, and social sourcing have become key tools for talent leaders to deploy to help their organizations compete.

At NPR, we’ve put social media at the forefront of our talent strategy. The strategy has paid off. Here are some of the results:

The presentation below shares some of our approach – including strategy, channels, results, metrics, and some of the things we learned along the way. The goal is to show recruiting and talent leaders what they can accomplish through social media – even with limited budget and resources.

This presentation is not intended to be an exact play book to be replicated in any company. As a media organization, NPR has some unique advantages that this strategy was tailored around. The hope is that it can serve as inspiration you can take some ideas from and tailor them to your organization.

Employment branding doesn’t have to be built around a broad multi-channel social media approach. You can use tools you already have like job descriptions and your career site to get started. The key is building your approach in a way that is true to your organization, getting internal champions and organizational buy-in, and then starting small and scaling as you go. Good luck!


Things I’m Looking Forward To In My First LinkedIn Talent Connect (#InTalent)

I’m writing this at 30,000 feet as I’m on my way to Las Vegas for LinkedIn’s annual global user conference, Talent Connect. I’ll admit, I’m a LinkedIn homer, and a devoted fan since I joined in February of 2005.

I admired their strategy to build market share and focus on becoming the de facto professional social network, before looking for more way to monetize their site and offerings. I’m a tech geek with an affinity towards mobile apps, and LinkedIn has strong iOS offerings that really provide a lot of value for recruiters. The Outlook calendar integration in particular, and tools like CardMunch, are huge time savers with practical use for mobile recruiters.

Today’s recruiters have to be mobile, engaging the populations where their organizations recruit, and evangelizing for their companies at every opportunity. These are some of the benefits LinkedIn provides that I mentioned in a contribution to George Anders recent Forbes cover story on LinkedIn.

So, yes, I’m a fan. What am I looking forward to over the next three days in Las Vegas? Continue reading

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Recruiting on a Budget Using Social Networks (VIDEO)

Dice has been doing a tremendous job in partnering and advocating in the HR social media space. They developed a great YouTube channel and have engaged recruiting leaders like Sarah White to get tips from a broad range of human resource professionals. Here is an interview I did with them following my presentations at ERE’s Recruiting Innovation Summit earlier this year.

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Employment Branding, It’s All About The Employees

Inspiring Places to Work – brought to you by The Daily Muse.

We were fortunate to recently be featured by The Daily Muse in their ‘Inspiring Places To Work’ series. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a community of bloggers based out of NYC who share career advice on a broad range of topics. Earlier this year they started a new feature where they put together multimedia online presentations on different organization including Mashable, Foursquare, Pinterest, Warby Parker, Klout, Tumblr and more. You can read an article Fast Company did on these features here. It was very cool to have NPR included with so many companies at the forefront of digital innovation. You can check it out here. Continue reading