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The Return Of #NPRTwitterChat


We’re back!

The first #NPRTwitterChat was created to bring together seasoned professionals at the intersections of social media, recruiting, and HR with job seekers for a discussion about social media. The turnout was great, with hundreds of participants contributing their thoughts and insights. Mashable covered it in the article, “How To Effectively Use Twitter As A Job Search Resource“.

The most popular question once the event wrapped up? When’s the next one?

So we got together with our friends at Twitter and decided to make this a quarterly event. Our next #NPRTwitterChat will be Thursday 5/30 at 7pm EST. The format will be the same as the last event. We’ll bring in a diverse pool of experienced recruiting and HR professionals to cover 5 topics related to your job search. We’ll cover topics including:

    • Q1: What Social Media advice do you have for recent grads or students/interns?
    • Q2: The job requires experience, but I don’t have any. How do I get it?
    • Q3: What are some tools, tips, and tech that can help in your job search?
    • Q4: I’m a perfect fit for the job why didn’t I get it?
    • Q5: How can I build relationships with recruiters and/or employees in companies I’m interested in?
    • BONUS: Hiring? Take the last 10 minutes to share your jobs with chat attendees.

We’re also hosting a special one hour TalentNet Radio with Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs) and recruiters from Twitter Tuesday 5/28 at 7pm EST. This will be aimed more towards a recruiting/HR audience, but anyone can dial in or follow along on the #TalentNet hashtag. You can check out our last #NPRTwitterChat TalentNet Radio here.

If you’re new to Twitter chats, there are useful tools like that make following live chats easier. You can find additional resources here. We’ll be posting a recap of the highlights on Storify following the event.

We hope to see you 5/30. It’s an open event, so invite anyone you think might benefit or have something to add to the discussion.

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Live Blog: My Day At NY Social Media Week (#smwny)

This is my first attempt at a live-blog, and will be updated throughout the day on Wednesday 2/20.

Today I’m traveling to New York to join The Muse’s panel, The 140 Character Resume: How Your Social Media Footprint Can Get You Hired (#smw140resume), at NY’s Social Media Week – and I’m taking you with me. The day will be filled with coffee, trains, wifi, sessions, meetings, coffee, and mixers. I’ll be taking pics, vines, and video along the way. I think it will be an interesting way to share the experience and what I learn – and hopefully it won’t suck.

5:30am: Good morning. Here we go…


Rise and shine

7:03am: Arrived at Union Station. Checked in. Bought coffee. Wondering how many times I’ll write ‘got coffee’ today. Also, learned how to embed a tweet into WordPress.

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A Recap Of #NPRTwitterChat

Twitter's Chris Dobbins, NPR's Lars Schmidt, Jennifer McClure and William Tincup discuss the upcoming #NPRTwitterChat event at Twitter HQ. [photo courtesy of Craig Fisher]

Twitter’s Chris Dobbins, NPR’s Lars Schmidt, Jennifer McClure and William Tincup discuss the upcoming #NPRTwitterChat event at Twitter HQ. [photo courtesy of Craig Fisher]

Last week was the debut of #NPRTwitterChat, a collaboration between the HR teams of NPR and Twitter aimed at helping job seekers use social media as a job search tool.

There were over 800 tweets sent throughout the one hour chat. The Storify link below captures some of the highlights. Feel free to share freely with anyone you think could benefit.

Click to view the story “#NPRTwitterChat Recap” on Storify

Thanks to our friends at Twitter’s @JoinTheFlock, especially Janet Vanhuysse (@janetvh), Anitra Collins (@anitra10), and Chris Dobbins (@dobbins) for collaborating on this effort. I also want to thank some of the HR/Recruiting friends who shared their expertise including Laurie Ruettimann (@lruettimann), Alexandra Levit (@alevit), Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs), William Tincup (@williamtincup), Susan LaMotte (@SusanLamotte), Jennifer McClure (@JenniferMcClure), and Curtis Midkiff (@SHRMSMG). Continue reading


A Preview Of #NPRTwitterChat On #TalentNet Live

NPRTwitterChat2As we approach next week’s #NPRTwitterChat event (Thursday 1/31, 5-6pm EST), our friends at #TalentNet will be hosting the voices behind the @NPRjobs and @JoinTheFlock Twitter accounts to share their experiences managing and building social recruiting platforms on Twitter. The event will be Tuesday 1/29 from 7-8pm EST and you can listen to the live broadcast at TalentNet Live’s BlogTalk Radio Page, and/or follow along on Twitter using the #TalentNet hashtag.

The one hour event will be hosted by TalentNet founder, Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs), and include Lars Schmidt (@ThisIsLars) from NPR and Anitra Collins (@anitra10) from Twitter. We’ll provide the background on #NPRTwitterChat, and share insights on building and managing a social recruiting platform on Twitter during conversation in the following areas.

Q1. What advice do you have for employers looking to leverage Twitter as a recruiting channel? Any lessons learned?

Q2. What are the most common myths or misperceptions about using Twitter to find jobs or candidates?

Q3. How do Twitter chats like #NPRTwitterChat fit in? What’s the best way to stand out on a Twitter chat?

You can also learn more about #NPRTwitterChat in this interview Social Media Club DC conducted with me and one of our #NPRTwitterChat guest experts, Susan LaMotte (@SusanLaMotte).

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9 Steps You Can Take Today To Find A New Job in 2013


It’s a brand new year, a time where many people attack their New Year’s resolutions with excitement and resolve. If you were one of the many people whose resolution involves finding a new job or making  career change, you may be wondering where to start. Here are nine steps you can take today to position yourself well to find your next gig. 

  1. Update your resume: How long has it been since you updated your resume? Chances are it could benefit from at least a few tweaks. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or not, it’s a good idea to keep you resume current as you never know when an opportunity may come along. Here are some resources that can help: How To Spruce Up A Boring Resume (via Mashable), Tips for Writing a Resume in Online World (via WSJ)
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile: Most recruiters are actively using LinkedIn to find candidates. Will they find you? If so, what will they find? Do you have a (somewhat professional) photo? Do you have a compelling headline that will catch their attention? Is your profile 100% complete? LinkedIn is one of the top sourcing platforms for Recruiters, so how you present yourself here is important. You can find some great tips on how to create a compelling profile from LinkedIn expert Craig Fisher hereContinue reading

A Lesson In Failure

Earlier this month marked the one-month anniversary of Career Hangout (CHO). It also marked the final episode.

Career Hangout was an ambitious idea for a collaborative project between me and Laurie Ruettimann. We wanted to find a way to “pay it forward” and use our collective HR insights and networks to provide job search and career management advice to professionals.

We spent two months focusing our time and energy on getting CHO ready to air – designing a logo, building a website (actually two of them after we changed WordPress themes), registering social media profiles, booking guests, finding a producer, learning about Google Hangouts On Air (HOA), testing HOA, teasing/marketing/promoting the show. . . you get the picture. We invested hours of time into CHO before broadcasting our first show. Continue reading