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LinkedIn’s Top 10 Overused Buzzwords, And The Rise Of #Sociallateral

USA-LI - Buzzwords-2012LinkedIn’s 2012 list of most used buzzwords was published today.

Most of these terms are pretty common. I haven’t performed a self-audit yet, but it’s likely all of them show up in one area or another on my profile. Is that bad? No. The key to a good LinkedIn profile (and resume for that matter) is not to abuse these terms. When used constructively to illustrate specific examples of what you have accomplished, these terms can be valuable. When strung together to show your responsibilities include utilizing your extensive experience and effective track record leveraging innovative and creative problem solving solutions (six points!) – well, off to jargon jail for you. Continue reading

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SHRM and Social Media, We’ve Come A Long Way Baby.

The post below originally appeared on SHRM’s Buzz site and can be found here.

If you attended this years’ SHRM national conference this year, chances are you’re getting a good sense of the shift to social in the global HR community. Whether you visited a Smart Bar in The Hive to get some one on one social media guidance from one of the many volunteers, sat next to someone feverishly ‘live tweeting’ on the iPad during a session, or tweeted yourself – social was omnipresent at SHRM 12. This is a great thing. Why?

SHRM had a strong turnout this year with over 10,000 attendees. Many more couldn’t attend a particular session (thanks to a great many options) or couldn’t make the conference this year. Most sessions have several attendees live tweeting content, so it can be shared with anyone. Live tweeting is the act of tweeting noteworthy content from a particular conference session using a hashtag (like #SHRM12). Anyone can follow that hashtag and see a collection of tweets on that subject. This gives anyone with a computer or smartphone an opportunity to learn from what’s being shared by the presenter. Continue reading