A Lesson In Failure

Earlier this month marked the one-month anniversary of Career Hangout (CHO). It also marked the final episode.

Career Hangout was an ambitious idea for a collaborative project between me and Laurie Ruettimann. We wanted to find a way to “pay it forward” and use our collective HR insights and networks to provide job search and career management advice to professionals.

We spent two months focusing our time and energy on getting CHO ready to air – designing a logo, building a website (actually two of them after we changed WordPress themes), registering social media profiles, booking guests, finding a producer, learning about Google Hangouts On Air (HOA), testing HOA, teasing/marketing/promoting the show. . . you get the picture. We invested hours of time into CHO before broadcasting our first show. Continue reading

Job Search

Introducing Career Hangout

Pay it forward.

My friend Laurie Ruettimann and I got together a few months ago and talked about the state of the job market. Many people are struggling. Struggling to find jobs, to keep jobs, to find their way out from dead end jobs, and struggling on how to advance their careers in a climate where salaries are flat and opportunities are scarce. This discussion got us thinking about what we can we do to help.

We’ve both been in HR for our entire careers. We’ve been exposed to almost every HR scenario you can imagine: hiring, firing, promoting, training, developing – you name it. We both have a lot of smart friends in our industry with great expertise in job search and career development. We know recruiters at many top employers throughout the U.S. We have friends who are accomplished professionals in a variety of fields. We realized we could leverage those contacts, knowledge and expertise to to help people manage and develop their careers, and we could do it through Career Hangout (CHO). Continue reading