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SHRM and Social Media, We’ve Come A Long Way Baby.

The post below originally appeared on SHRM’s Buzz site and can be found here.

If you attended this years’ SHRM national conference this year, chances are you’re getting a good sense of the shift to social in the global HR community. Whether you visited a Smart Bar in The Hive to get some one on one social media guidance from one of the many volunteers, sat next to someone feverishly ‘live tweeting’ on the iPad during a session, or tweeted yourself – social was omnipresent at SHRM 12. This is a great thing. Why?

SHRM had a strong turnout this year with over 10,000 attendees. Many more couldn’t attend a particular session (thanks to a great many options) or couldn’t make the conference this year. Most sessions have several attendees live tweeting content, so it can be shared with anyone. Live tweeting is the act of tweeting noteworthy content from a particular conference session using a hashtag (like #SHRM12). Anyone can follow that hashtag and see a collection of tweets on that subject. This gives anyone with a computer or smartphone an opportunity to learn from what’s being shared by the presenter. Continue reading

The Hive Social Media lounge at SHRM12
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I’ve Got Bros In Different Area Codes (the power of networking at #SHRM12)

There are many reasons one might attend SHRM‘s annual conference: the sessions, the spectacle, the ability to interact with 10,000 of your peers from around the world, etc. All of these are valuable justifications for the trip, but the single most valuable reason may be this – connecting with your bros.

Now bear with me a moment. I’m not being gender specific here. Ladies can be bros too. I’m using the term loosely to define friends we accumulate in our space. In today’s connected world where we can easily find, follow, engage, and interact over social media – we have a unique opportunity to expand our networks online before meeting in real-life (IRL for the Twitter folks). When meeting in real-life, the opportunity to turn followers/friends into bros becomes real and lasting. Continue reading


6 Tips To Make Your First SHRM Rock (from SHRM Buzz)

We’re less than a week away from SHRM12. I’m excited to be part of the official blogger/press coverage this year. I aim to capture some of the sessions,  atmosphere, etc to share with my readers here and on the SHRM Buzz site. What’s SHRM Buzz? It’s the brainchild of SHRM’s Social Media guru (I called him that so it’s allowable), Curtis Midkiff. SHRM has really been pushing the envelope around social media engagement under Curt’s leadership and Buzz is another great example. Buzz is a collection of blog posts from fellow HR bloggers and more. They have a great social circles feature where you can plan your networking and learn about other attendees. You can even add suggestions and help pick the music playlist during opening general sessions. Creative, cool, engaged – I really like what SHRM has going on here.

I’m going to be experimenting with some video blogging at SHRM12 to capture some footage from the conference, and possibly some interviews with thought leaders in the talent space. Apologies in advance for the low-budget production value and likely shaky cam as I’ll be recording on my iPhone. Continue reading