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Amplify Tool Review: Evernote

There are a handful of tools I use almost every day; Evernote is one of them. If you read my blog regularly, you know I’m a proponent of recruiters being mobile and getting out in the communities where they recruit to network with prospects and build their organization’s employment brand, among other things. If you’re mobile, that means you may not have your trusty notebook with all the important notes you took from that interview, hiring manager kickoff meeting, or team project update meeting. This is where a tool like Evernote comes in.


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Amplify Tool Review: Mobile Tools for Mobile Recruiters

If you happened to read George Anders’ recent Forbes cover story about LinkedIn, you know that I’m a big proponent of recruiters getting out of the office and going mobile. The recruiting landscape has evolved. Call it Recruiting 3.0 or whatever term you’d like, but the days of sitting in front of a computer banging on a keyboard talking into your headset are in the past (P.S. if you haven’t read that Recruiting 3.0 article you’re missing out. It’s a great playbook for modern recruiting that influenced some of my views that you can read about in this Quora question). We’re living in an incredibly dynamic landscape for top talent. Recruiters must evangelize for their organizations: conferences, network events, tweetups, hackathons – whatever, wherever and whenever they can. So for today’s recruiters to be at their best, they need an arsenal of mobile recruiting tools. Continue reading