Keep your eyes on Lars Schmidt. His experimental attitude is exactly the way that innovation will percolate into our R&D free environment. In his case, influence is a combination of position, temperament and the willingness to leverage whatever you have.  - HR Examiner

Recruiting & Talent Management

  • Leading, coaching and inspiring geographically dispersed recruiting teams
  • Turning around under-performing recruiting functions
  • Developing recruiting standard operating procedures, process, technology and infrastructure
  • Global executive search
  • Developing and implementing cross-platform social media recruiting and employment branding practice on a variety of platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Foursquare
  • Evaluating, designing and implementing global Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Developing social media-driven employee referral programs
  • Implementing PKIs to monitor, measure and adjust talent strategies
  • Creating global on-boarding and orientation programs
  • Leading proactive Diversity partnerships to enhance hiring reach and community engagement
  • Designing and developing corporate career sites to more effectively engage and attract talent
  • Enhancing candidate experience by developing proactive communication vehicles and training interview teams
  • Creating behavioral interview frameworks to enhance quality of hires
  • Generating press and viral marketing for employment branding initiatives
  • Evaluating and implementing recruiting technology

 Employee Communications & Engagement

  • Building employment communications teams from inception
  • Creating employee newsletter and HTML based communication vehicles
  • Designing and developing global employee portals/intranets
  • Developing recognition and rewards programs

Employee Development

  • Leadership coaching, development and training
  • Designing and developing global performance management platforms

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Developing and launching global internal communication strategies aligned with M&A activities
  • Developing strategic talent plans to identify redundancies, and implement integration and outplacement initiatives

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