I typically use this section for breakdowns and analysis of cool tools and resources I use regularly in social media and recruiting. However, at any given time I’m experimenting and piloting a variety of new tools to assess how they will make my life [easier, better, more efficient, etc]. This section will be used for quick highlights of tools I’m using or piloting now. I’ll also create a section for user submitted tools. If you have something you love, tell me what it is and how it helps you so I can include.



Amplify Tools Review: Quick Hits

Gmail Extensions for Chrome:

    • Priority Inbox – this isn’t an extension, but an optional configuration of your inbox. Highly recommended.
    • Rapportive – displays social media accounts of the person who emailed you.
    • Boomerang – allows you to schedule reminders, timed re-sends, and other useful tools for incoming email
    • WiseStamp – create custom sig files with hyperlinks and social media icons


    • Remarkable Hire – tech sourcing tool that aggregates feedback from peer review sites like Github, Stack Overflow, etc.

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